For years I have had a cheating cuckold fantasy that I kept secret.

I don’t know exactly why it turns me on so much. There’s just something about finally having my boyfriend see me get fucked that drives me wild. I didn’t know how to tell him that his sweet girlfriend wanted a new cock. I decided that the best way for my BF to find out is if he caught me in the act. Hopefully, then he would discover that he too had a cheating cuckold fantasy of his own. I know that if he just walks in on the act, it’ll be too irresistible.

To be completely honest with you, I have been getting dicked down on the side of the entire relationship.

Don’t get me wrong. I truly love my beau but his cock just doesn’t measure up to what I have had in the past OR what I crave. It started by just being a normal cheating cuckold fantasy that I would daydream about. Ultimately it turned into me going on dating apps and websites looking for someone willing. When you look like I do (tall, leggy, blonde), it’s not difficult to find a guy that wants to play.

Honestly, if my boyfriend just had a bigger cock I would be happy! Maybe…

The thing is, he is a white guy. Irish-Scottish and handsome, as sweet as he can be. BUT he is a below-average lover. His dick is small and just being boring overall in the sack, I knew what I had to do. In order for me to remain happy with him, we needed to turn my cheating cuckold fantasy to reality ASAP! I realized after seeing a few men on the side it did nothing for me.

Something is so extra spicy HOT about my boyfriend being there to see me get absolutely wrecked by another man. I want his face to be between my legs, inches away from that strange penis pumping in and out of me. I want him to feel disrespected while also being turned on. It would be even more fun if he helped me fluff that new dick up to maximum volume. Being of service to others is very important after all!

I look for the ideal Big Black Bull for this job.

My entire day is consumed with me finding someone perfect for this cheating cuckold fantasy. I write to guys all over the internet. Searching endlessly but it is a labor of love at the end of the day. That’s when I found Pressure. He is a professional porn actor and very well endowed. I knew it was a long shot that Pressure would write back but we live in the same city and based on what I was seeing,

Being his type I was sure to include photos with my message for that reason. To my delight, I got a message back from Pressure essentially saying that he had an even better idea. He and two friends would come to run a train on me. Pressure and his friends will stage a fake robbery in our home so that the entire roleplay would ultimately be extra kinky. My pussy dripped juice over this idea! Absolutely brilliant!

The day is here for my cheating cuckold fantasy.

We walk into the door of our condo after grocery shopping. I purposefully asked to be left out of the plan because the element of surprise needed to be real. I sat my keys down on the counter and my BF sweetly begins bringing in all of the packages from our car. After we put everything mostly away there is a knock at the backdoor and I tell my boyfriend to go see who it is. “It’s probably one of the neighbor’s kids,” I call out from our living room. I hear him scream. In walks in Pressure with his friends and my clit aches.

They immediately begin subduing him, tying him up with rope they have brought with. My boyfriend is begging for them not to hurt me. He is saying where all the valuables are in the house. The three of them walk over to me and strip me down while I pretend to cry. Tears run down my cheeks while they make fun of him. They take his pants off to see his little pathetic penis. “How do you expect to please a girl like this with that tiny ass worm, Cracker Boy?!”

Want to know what happens next in my phone sex story? Call me so you can find out more about my BBC cuckold experience. 😉

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