My BBC Cuckold experience was just too much to take all at once!!  This time we’ll finish together!

My BBC Cuckold experience got even better, my boyfriend Tyrone made his tiny-dicked friend Tim lick all his cum out of my pretty little pussy.  Tim was lapping my pussy up eagerly trying to please Tyrone and I.  Tim was Tyrone’s little bitch and he loved tasting Tyrone’s cock juice!


He knew he would never have a chance with someone as hot as me, and anyone who even wanted to try to sympathy-fuck him would have run laughing at his itsy-bitsy 4 in. cock.  Tyrone loved that a baby-dick whiteboy would do his dirty work just to watch him ram his big cock in a pretty little white girl.  I loved how much they both obsessed over making my kitty purr.  I was having a great time during our BBC Cuckold Experience!!


‘Lick every fucking inch, you no-dick little bitch”  I yelled while Tim was lapping at my pussy,


“How does that taste, fag, you like the taste of my cum in the sexy lil pussy?” Tyrone laughed.


“Oh yes daddy, I love your tasty cum, it’s so delicious!”  Tim moaned from inside my pussy.


“Make sure you clean my asshole, too, you faggot cum cleaner,”  I yelled at Tim


His tongue moved inside my pussy until he dragged it between my ass cheeks and swirled it around my tight little asshole.  I started moving my ass around his tongue until I felt it squeeze into my asshole.  I bounced my ass up and down on his face, loving the warm squish of his wet tongue


“Sit on his face, Claire, suffocate this little no dick bitch with that beautiful ass,” Tyrone said.


Tim groaned as I pushed my ass on his face, making sure he couldn’t get a breath in.  


“Little cock bitches like you don’t deserve to breathe, you like how all that BBC cock cum tastes?”


I could hear a muffled “mmm hmm” from my ass.  Tim gasped as I stood up over him, Tyrone’s cock throbbed at the sight of me suffocating his little bitch with my sexy round ass.  He was really enjoying our BBC Cuckhold venture.


Tyrone stood up with his Big Black Cock in his hand and walked toward Tim and I.  He stood next to me, over Tim, rubbing his cock.


“Lick that precum off my cock, queer!”  Barked Tyrone.


Tim looked up and licked around the tip of Tyrone’s cock like a good little cuck.  I grabbed Tim’s head and started forcing Tyrone’s black cock down his throat.  I was shocked by how much of that huge black cock he could swallow.  He really loved being a part of this BBC Cuckold adventure.


“You’re a good little cocksucker, aren’t you, eraser dick!” I laughed while forcing Tim’s head down that Giant Black Dick.


Tyrone pushed Tim off  “You loved sucking that cock, didn’t you?  You’re a fucking sissy fag.  Baby – bend over so we can show Tim what a real cock looks like in that tight ass.”  He said as he looked at me.


I bent over and spread open my ass cheeks so Tyrone and Tim could see where all the fun was going to be had during our BBC Cuckold night.  


“Look at that hot pussy and ass fag boy, don’t you wish you had a big enough cock to really fill it!”  I giggled!


Tyrone stood behind me and began rubbing his Huge cock up and down the slit of my ass.  


“Oh Ty, fill my ass with all that cock, show tiny dick what you can do to my cute little asshole.  I moaned as Tyrone slid the tip of his cock into my tight asshole.  He let out a groan as the head of his huge cock popped into my tight little ass.  


“Come over here right next to my cock while I fuck that tight little ass, I want you to watch this cock move in and out of her little asshole and see what a big black dick can do to a sweet little white girl’s ass!!”  Tyrone said as he grabbed Tim’s head and put it right next to my ass.  Tim could stick his tongue out and lick Tyrone’s cock if he wanted to, he was loving our BBC Cuckold night!!  


Tim loved watching me gush every time Tyrone’s Big cock slammed into my pussy.  Tim’s little cock was rock hard watching my tiny asshole gets stretched out by a giant black cock!!


“This ass is tight as fuck, bitch boy, I’m gonna cum deep in that little asshole and you’re going to lick up every drop aren’t you fag!”


“Yes daddy, I wanted to taste the cum of that big cock in her pretty little asshole!!” Tim moaned


I felt Tyrone’s cock throb as he let out a groan.  Tyrone loves my little white ass and shoved every inch of the huge cock into my ass as he squirted deep inside me!!


Tim eagerly started licking Tyrone’s cock as he pulled out of me!!  When Tyrone finally let his cock drop out of my ass, Tim started licking every drop of the cum oozing out of it.  Tim’s tiny baby cock came as he lapped up Tyrone’s cock juice out of my ass!!


I loved making him our little slave. We left him in the living room to go to sleep, and I could hear Tim rubbing his cock, still turned on by watching his best friend stretch out a sexy little asshole.  I had an amazing first BBC experience, and this was just the beginning of a wonderful BBC Cuckold relationship between Tyrone, Tim and I!!


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