Having a bother who is six years older than me is fun, but annoying at the same time. Fun because since a very young age I learned about thing a normal girl just doesn’t. For example, he would loosely use the words “dick” and “cunt”. I swear those were his favorites words. He was a late bloomer, just recently he moved away from home. Since my parents sometimes weren’t home he would invite friends over the house and have parties.  They would BBQ, and drink. Jack, his best friend, was really touchy-feely. His friend would always joke about him being a panty sniffer. I never thought they meant literally. He would always bother me and make jokes I didn’t really understand. He would make remarks about trying to steal me away, and move in just so he could be close to me. Although he would say it jokingly, there was some truth behind. Well, there was all truth behind it.

It was a typical weekend at my place. Parents were away, and my brother had just started blasting music, and setting up to cook. All his friends were over, including Jack. They were all drinking and having fun. I, like always, would hang out in my room, just listening to music, on the phone with my boyfriend, or watching tv. By the time I came downstairs to grab some water they were all singing along and completely wasted. When I realized they were all asleep, I decided to take a shower. I went to the bathroom stripped down naked and got in the shower. I lathered my body with this yummy strawberry body wash I loved. I started to massage my perky small tits, and down my stomach. I washed every inch of my tight little body I even decided to shave and tighten up my sexy landing strip. I loved the feeling of being freshly groomed and smelling good. I pulled the curtain back and there he was. Jack was standing right in front of me with his hard meaty cock in one hand and my blue panties in the other. He smelling them, keeping them close to his nose as he stroked his dick. When I came to, I grabbed my towel, and covered my body. He said, “I always knew your smelled this sweet”. I blushed. He then asked if he could taste the real thing. I was hesitant, but seeing his hard cock made me so wet, I could feel my pussy on the edge. I rapidly turned around, and he kneel in front of me and kissed my ass, every inch of my soft bubble butt. He spread my ass apart and his tongue entered my already wet cunt. He reached around and started playing with my clit. I came so hard, all my juices were dripping down my legs. He licked up and down my now shaking legs.

Jack stood up, I turned, I was now facing him. He grabbed my hips and kissed me passionately. I could taste myself on his lips. I kept my eyes closed and he distanced his lips from mine. He said “you taste like strawberries”.



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