I recently found out that my boyfriend, Nathan, had been checking up on me.  I have never cheated on him so I don’t know why he decided to start this shit now.  After a long talk with my best friend, Kelly, about it, we decided to teach him a lesson he would never forget.  If he wanted to act like a little bitch, then I was going to make him one.  I saved her number in my phone as Kevin and the fun began.  I had her texting and calling me at different times, day and night.

When he was around I would answer the phone and quickly say that I was busy and had to call them back.  I used to answer the phone every time he called me, but I started letting a few go to voicemail.  I could tell it was driving him crazy!!  We let it go on for about two weeks before we decided that it was time to put him out of his misery….kind of hehehe 🙂


He was supposed to come over that Friday but I told him that I had forgotten that we were getting together and made plans with my friends to come over and hang out.  He sounded so disappointed on the phone when he said “Okay, well, I guess I’ll talk to you later” and hung up.  This was going perfectly so far.  I was having someone over, but it sure as hell wasn’t for what I told him.  Kelly showed up around 8:00 Friday night with everything that we would need.  Nathan had sent me a text at 6:00 telling me to “Have fun with the girls.”  I never sent him a reply.  He tried calling me twice since then and I let it go to voicemail.  He was really making this way too easy.

Kelly and I have been best friends for years and experimenting with each other since high school.  She pulled out the strap-ons that we use when we play and handed me one.  It wasn’t long after we were in leather corsets with our rubber cocks in position, that we heard someone at the door.  Nathan had a key so I didn’t have to answer the door.  Before he could walk in, Kelly got down in front of me on my bed and started sucking my dildo.  As he walked into the room his eyes grew wide and his mouth dropped open.

I looked up at him and laughed a little saying “Oh look Kelly, our little bitch has arrived.”  He looked even more confused after my statement so I said, “What, you don’t think I knew that you were spying on me?  That every time you checked my phone or followed me, I didn’t know about it?  Well, if you want to act like a little bitch, I think I should start treating you like one.  Do you know what bitches get?”  I didn’t even give him time to answer before I said, “They get fucked.  Now get your little ass over here.”

I saw the look of surprise on his face as he took in what I was saying.  But was that excitement that I saw too?!  No, it couldn’t be.  “I’m sorry for looking at all of your calls and messages Brooke, but it’s not what you think,” he protested.  “I really don’t care, you’re talking too much.  It sounds like you need a nice dick in your mouth to shut you the fuck up,” I said as I took his head and started pushing my rubber schlong into his mouth.  To my surprise, he wasn’t fighting me.  I took my cock out of his mouth and pulled him up to my face.  I looked him in the eye and said, “Explain yourself.”

He began to stammer out “Well, I wanted to see if I could catch you fucking someone.  Not because it would have upset me, but because I wanted to watch you get fucked.”  “Well, it sounds like we have some experimenting to do then,” I said as I grabbed him by the hair and slid his mouth right back onto my thick strap-on.  I wasn’t kidding either, that night changed so much!  Just wait until you hear how Kelly and I worked Nathan over making him beg for our cocks.  Will his fantasies of watching me get fucked come true?  Or did he bargain for a little more than they could handle?  Give me a call, I will be happy to give you a sneak peek into my next blog of our night teaching Nathan a lesson.

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