I was dating a guy once who was sweet and cute but no real sparks between us but we hung out together and got along fairly well. His family was having a large barbecue, and he wanted to introduce me to members of his family I hadn’t met yet, like his older brother. I’d seen pics of him and he was a great looking guy. I learned as soon as I met him he was a huge flirt, too. There were a couple of dozen people at this barbecue and many seemed very nice, but I couldn’t stop looking at my boyfriends brother. Great body and sense of humor and a fairly large bulge in his pants if I do say so myself.


I caught him stealing glances at me as well several times during the day. There were even games and things, and one of them was a three legged race and I was paired up with him and I couldn’t stop myself from whispering to him as he tied our legs together, you look like you have a third leg of your own in those pants. He burst out laughing and ran so fast I nearly fell over, but we won the race. I thought maybe I shouldn’t have said that, but the rest of the night he was stuck to me like glue and my own boyfriend seemed caught up talking sports with his many cousins he hadn’t seen in years.

I found myself being pulled away by my hand down a nearby path that led from the property to an adjoining golf course, and we had privacy. He’d brought along a blanket and spread it on the ground in a sand trap where it was more hidden and even more concealed from view and he said he knew I’d been waiting for this all day. I couldn’t admit otherwise and did not fight him. I laid back and he began to kiss me passionately. All thoughts of my boyfriend were out of my mind, and apparently his as well.

I felt his hand trailing up my leg and up under my mini skirt and to my damp panties. I spread my legs to better give him access to my pussy and his fingers felt divine on my clit as he teased it with the tip of his middle finger and I bucked up towards his hand. It wasn’t long until I came from those probing fingers and creamed all over his hand. I reached down towards his pants and got his dick out and it was soon at the back of my throat, drooling all over it and making it all wet and sloppy. I massaged his balls in my hand and drove him crazy with my mouth.

I was soon pulled onto all fours and felt that cock driving inside of me all the way up to the balls and was rubbing my own clit as he pounded me from behind and squeezed my tits. He fucked me better than his brother ever had, and he had a much larger cock as well that filled me up better. It wasn’t long until both of us came explosively outside under the stars in the golf course sand trap and walked back separately to the barbecue which was lasting on into the night. On the way home my boyfriend asked if I’d met and liked his older brother, I told him yes, I really did enjoy meeting him and hoped we’d get to again soon. Fuck!! I was really naughty to do something like that but sometimes you just have to go with a hot opportunity!

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