My girlfriend gave me a very generous birthday gift recently. She gave me a gift certificate to get a massage. She’d raved about this guy she’d been going to for these wonderful massages recently and I’d even teased her and asked if it was a “happy ending massage.” She just smiled and didn’t reply but said this guy had the most wonderful hands of any she’d ever felt upon her. So I booked an appointment with this guy and went in and stripped down and waited for him wrapped in a sheet.

I was laying on my stomach went I heard the door open and he came in, fuck, my girlfriend was right, he was gorgeous! I said I’d been given the massage by my friend and he smiled at the mention of her name and said what a nice girl she was and one of his favorites. He dimmed the lights and turned on some soft smooth jazz mixed with ocean waves and I felt more relaxed by the second. I laid my face down into that donut shoed face holder thing with the middle cut out and his magical hands worked all over my body. Drizzling me with fragrant oils he worked into my flesh with his strong and capable hands. I was very relaxed and didn’t flinch at all when I felt him pull away the sheet that was covering my nakedness.



His hands kneaded my flesh, up the backs of my thighs and into my buttocks and it seemed so natural when he parted my thighs to get to the insides of them and I felt his hands wander upwards, towards my pussy and his oiled fingertips lightly opened my pussy lips and I didn’t say a word, I just lay there and let it happen. He knew exactly what he was doing and expertly so and I allowed him to finger my pussy. He then turned me over onto my back and began massaging my breasts, my nipples were already hard with arousal and he then striped off his white pants, tee shirt and shorts and was naked before me.

I hadn’t planned on this, but I certainly wasn’t stopping it. His oiled hands traveled all over my body and I responded to his touch in a way I didn’t think possible to a stranger. He climbed on top of me and with that beautiful cock just slid it into me and we fucked right there on the table. I didn’t even remember his name and he was fucking me so fucking well. I was so relaxed and so enjoying this and I think my friend knew exactly what she was doing in giving me that gift certificate.

I wrapped my arms and legs around him, covering him in the oil that was coating me he’d slathered all over me and we slid all over one another, hands and mouths moving all over the place. He made me cum so hard, he was fantastic, no wonder he did this for a living, his strong, powerful hands and that cock, fuck, it was like a steel rod, and he knew how to use it. I could feel it slipping in and out of me against my clit, my shaved pussy caressing his cock as he pumped in and out of me. It wasn’t too long until he made me cum and I came and I came all over his dick and he soon shot his load into me as well. This was a lot more than just a happy ending massage, it was the fucking of a lifetime and one of the best birthday presents I’ve ever had from my friend, or from anyone. I might have gotten this first one as a gift, but rest assured I’d be back.

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