It turns out my best friend’s husband has a wandering eye

One of my best friends has been married for a few years. She has the seemingly perfect life:  two kids, white picket fence, family dog. And I have to admit, my best friend’s husband is hot!

My best friend is very vanilla

And there is nothing wrong with that. At least for some people. She told me once that sex wasn’t important in their relationship. So, I assumed my best friend’s husband felt the same. She described their sex life as “nice” and “routine.” To each their own!

I’ve fantasized about my best friend’s husband before

Especially since I knew she wasn’t satisfying him the way I would. Often, I’d be in bed rubbing my pussy, imagining wild, crazy sex with him. Sometimes with her there so I could show her how amazing sex could really be. Maybe we could even have a hot sexy threesome.

My friend had to go out of town for work unexpectedly. Naturally, I offered to help out with her kids while she was away. My best friend’s husband works long hours. I told her I’d be happy to babysit. She would have nothing to worry about.

He came home late

I had already put the kids to bed. And I was enjoying a glass of wine on the couch. He looked tired as he sat down next to me. Even after a long day, he was hot. I couldn’t help but get a little wet watching my best friend’s husband loosen his tie and lie back on the couch. I poured him a glass of wine. Playfully, I rubbed his shoulders.

He didn’t tell me to stop. Instead, he unbuttoned his shirt and took it off, revealing his toned body.

“Could you do that some more?” he asked.  “My body is so sore.”

Happily, I obliged. I ran my hands up and down his back, massaging his tight shoulders. He moaned softly. I couldn’t help myself and began sliding my hands down his chest. He grabbed my hands. Then he looked over his shoulder at me.

Seconds later, my best friend’s husband had me pinned down

He held my hands over my head and kissed me. Then he began kissing down my neck. Soon, he lifted my dress up. And his mouth moved down my stomach to my panties. Gently, he pulled them down around my knees and put his lips right against my pubic hair.

I was already so wet. I couldn’t believe it!  He started using his tongue, running it up and down my pussy lips. As soon as he started sucking on my clit, I cried out. He slid two fingers inside my pussy. By the time he pulled them out, they were slick with my juices. Then, he stuck his fingers in his mouth and licked them off.

It was time for some naughty fun

I knew that my best friend was just giving him vanilla sex. And I was going to change that for him. I sat up and pushed him down. Undoing his pants, I put that hard cock right in my mouth and started sucking. I took that cock as deep as it would go down my throat. After gagging a little, my best friend’s husband grabbed my hair and started fucking my mouth.

“My wife never does this,” he muttered while pushing his cock in my mouth harder.

He needed more than just a blow job

I took his cock out of my mouth and got on all fours on the couch. I looked over my shoulder at him as he slipped his hard dick into my pussy.

“No, not there,” I said seductively. And I sat up, spreading my ass cheeks wide.

He looked at me like he had won the lottery. Then he put the tip of that hard cock right on my asshole. Moments later, he was all the way inside. He held my hips and thrust that cock into my tight little ass. It didn’t take long for him to cry out and cum deep inside my asshole.

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