He had always had an anal fetish so it didn’t take me long to see my ass belongs to him. The way he worships every part of my ass, he caresses my cheeks real gently, squeezes my ass in the palm of his hands. He kisses my cheeks with those soft lips, he kisses up and down my cheeks, buries his face between my cheeks and lets his gentle lips kiss my asshole. I think he even sniffs my ass while his face is buried in there . His tongue feels so good licking up and down my crack and all around my hole he savors every minute of the taste of my ass. He’s so gentle with his face and so rough when he uses his cock.

He lets me lay back and enjoy that mouth and tongue working away at ass. As he kisses away on my cheeks I feel his finger slip right into my ass knuckle deep, but yet so gentle it doesn’t even make me jump. I do squirm with pleasure as he fingers my ass. He tongue slides to pussy and licks softly on my pussy lips and begins sucking each pussy lip one by one. I moan and squirm the best pleasure I have ever had from a tongue job before. He slides his tongue further down and slips it into my ass spreading my cheeks and pushing his tongue in deep. I rest my legs on his shoulders enjoying ever minute of this pleasure he is giving to me. He rolls us over to where I am on top of his and has me grind my ass into his face smothering him with my ass.

I begin to tingle all over from the excitement but I know not to cum just yet just keep enjoying the moment. I grind back and fourth a lift up my ass off his tongue and push my ass back down on his tongue. He is enjoying every moment too I see. He pushes me on my hands and knees, gets off his back and gets behind me. I feel the head of his cock push right on in my tight asshole. He begins to thrust it in little by little inch by inch. Grabbing my hips he pulls me back on his cock and slowly and gently starts fucking my ass. As I push my ass onto his cock all the way he meets my thrust and starts fucking me harder like he’s loosing control of being patient any longer. I feel him throb and I know he is close to blowing that huge load right into my ass. Let’s have some kinky anal play.

Kinky Kelsey

Kelsey (2002)