Mutual Masturbation Stories And Giving Him Control Of My Orgasm

I do not usually kiss and tell, but after the day that I had; there was no way that I could keep this to myself! I glanced at the clock and saw that I had exactly thirty minutes before my mutual masturbation phone sex call. Which gave me just enough time to call my besties at the Phone Sex Kingdom and fill them in on the insane sex that I had with Connor earlier that night. And the night wasn’t over yet! Before hanging up, Connor asked me to keep my phone controlled sex toy nearby because he wasn’t done telling me more of his mutual masturbation stories.

Of course, it was hard to concentrate on the mutual masturbation stories and videos that I watched with my first client during our phone sex call. All that I could think about was Connor and the sex toy. I couldn’t keep myself from guessing when or even if he would turn it on again. After a few hours into my shift, Connor still hadn’t controlled the settings on the Bluetooth sex toy. I picked up my cell phone to text him. Suddenly, as if he were reading my mind, I felt the now-familiar vibrations of the sex toy as it vibrated against my G-spot. Just then, my phone sex line rang and I began my first phonesex call of the night while Connor controlled my wireless sex toy.

I have never given up orgasm control to my partner, ever. In fact, cock control and orgasm denial are fetishes of mine. But, there was something extremely hot about the thought of giving up control and letting Connor electronically control my orgasm with his cellphone.

My phone sex chat was with a new client but it was obvious that he was trying to disguise his voice by using some type of voice changing device. Although he did sound strangely familiar at times, it’s not uncommon for clients to disguise their voices, so I didn’t think too much into it.

His name was John and he already had a roleplay idea in mind. John insisted that I lie back in my bed with my eyes closed while he told me a cheating sex story while giving me female guided masturbation. This was definitely going to be interesting!

I had never heard of female guided masturbation so I was extremely reluctant at first. Eventually, I agreed and did as John requested. This night was definitely a night of first-time sex experiences for me! John began our role play by setting the scene. I was to play a sexy, horny cheating wife and he was the internet repairman.

My Hot Cheating Sex Story

As I open the door; I am wearing a blue satin baby doll cami and a matching thong under a thin, silk black robe with a pair of black closed-toe 6 inch high heels.

My pussy gets wet immediately at the sight of him. My husband has been away on business for a few days and I have been craving cock ever since. Just then, I felt the vibrator turn on. As the repairman and I begin to talk, the sexual tension between us builds and I start jerking him off. The vibrations from the sex toy intensify. It’s almost as if Connor can hear my phone call because the sex toy speeds and vibrations changed as the call grew dramatically more passionate.

The repairman eventually forces himself on me, but I’m not entirely unwilling. He shoves his hard cock inside my pussy from behind as I stand bent over the kitchen table. By now, Connor must have changed the sex toy to it’s highest setting. My body convulses as I moan loudly, I cum; soaking my bedsheets.

I hear the dial tone on the other end of my line, and I realize that John hung up. I’m quickly jolted back to reality. Damn, I hope that he came. I know that I fucking did; looking down at my sheets, I can’t help but laugh out loud.

I start to pull the cum soaked sheets off of my bed when my phone goes off. It’s notifying me of another text, it was Connor. The text read:

“Thanks for the good time. Let’s do it again soon… In-person next time!  XX, Danica”   

My mind is blown, I’m speechless. Danica? Connors’s wife Danica? Well damn…this is really going to be interesting!

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