A late night of mutual masturbation online games!

Mutual masturbation online always seemed like such a forbidden taboo for me. Even when I was young, I was curious about the cam websites that people talked about. ChatRoulette and Omegle were among my favorite to explore. And of course, the girls and I always made some games out of it when we had sleepovers. We loved jumping on camera and going into randomized chats like that. It was a thrill and forbidden fun. There would be plenty of guys half-naked or jerking off for us already, which drew an excited squeal out of some of the girls every time that we found one!

We always knew how to have fun. I mean, sometimes it even turned into a girl-on-girl hookup on camera to seduce whoever was watching us! But for the most part, the guys loved and enjoyed the hint of ageplay phone sex that they got from us. We looked young, after all. They’d click the randomize button, looking for mutual masturbation online, and find themselves staring at a bunch of playful young girls who seemed half-drunk already! What would you do if you were so lucky? I bet your cock would be in your hands in a heartbeat. At least, it sure would be the second that you saw how flirty we were acting.

We loved pushing the limits.

Sometimes a little innocent talk is all we were after. But quickly, we grew curious. And what’s naughtier than an inquisitive girl? Nothing – nothing at all. We’d flirt, and tease, and do whatever it took to seduce whoever was on the other end of the chat camera. And soon enough, no matter who we got, we’d get to enjoy a bit of mutual masturbation online game. Sometimes I did it all myself, without needing the girls to be over for a sleepover! But of course, it was way more fun with them by my side. Hell, the first time I ever jumped online to get into these chatroom antics was at a sleepover. I’d invited my best friend Ashley along for the night, and she’d invited another friend Brianna.

The three of us went wild for a while but slowly grew bored until we pulled out the laptop. Soon enough, we ran rampant all over the internet. From Facebook to Twitter to Youtube, nothing was safe from our curious eyes… And that’s when we landed on Omegle and ChatRoulette, among some others! Click! We hit the randomize button, and off we went. Mutual masturbation online wasn’t even on our agenda yet… That is until we saw the first guy whip out his cock. It was thick and juicy, and he stroked it greedily for us. For a few moments, we were a squealing mess! We giggled and hid from the camera, unsure of how to react.

But then, we wanted more.

We peeked back at the chat screen and saw him vigorously stroking his cock. I looked to the girls, wide-eyed and curious, and they mirrored my exact reaction. They LOVED it. Ashley darted off to lock the bedroom door, and we turned down the volume on the laptop a bit. Can you imagine jacking off on camera to a trio of wide-eyed, curious, sexy young girls? That was us on the other end of that camera, thoroughly entranced with this total stranger jerking off for us. Soon enough, he tapped away at the screen. “Touch yourselves too.” What a cheeky little request, right? So bold of him to ask.  But like curious little vixens, we obliged, leaning back to tease him by lightly touching over our pussies. A little mutual masturbation online that would never catch up with us…

What a thrill! The more we teased him, the more we got into it. I pressed my fingers a little harder against my pussy, feeling the tingles rush over my body. It was such a different feeling back then to do something so forbidden. Do you remember the first time you got away with something sexy and off-limits and had that feeling rush through your veins? It was so exciting to the three of us; we couldn’t get enough. Soon, we slipped our tiny panties to the side just to give this total stranger a show. And the more we played with him and mutual masturbation online, the more hooked we got on it…

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