Megan Loves Mutual Masturbation

You jerk off, and I’ll finger my sweet cunt, and at the same time, we’ll indulge in mutual masturbation. It’s so much fun when we cum together. Listening to you jerk off for me while I tell you where and how I’m touching myself makes me so horny. The way you grab it with a firm grip and let your hand slide slowly up your throbbing hard shaft. Tease me with it baby, tell me how swollen it’s getting as your stroking it for me. Those strokes get a little faster but enjoy while it last because it won’t last long. I’ll have you slow it back down just so I can enjoy you longing and begging for me. I hope you don’t mind edging because I like to take my time enjoy the sound of every stroke.

Teasing you slowly

If you have read my real sex stories then you already know I’m big into edging and teasing. Edging can be teasing for you but it also teases me. Your fighting the urge to fuck your hand while my mind is stuck with the visual of your cock in your hand and you resisting the urge. I have told you many times making a man squirm gets me off. At first fighting the urge won’t be much of a problem but wait until you hear what I’m doing to my cunt. My fingers slip inside me and just when you hear how wet my pussy is the urge will intensify. Your cock will throb and ache as it slips in and out of your palm. I tease you to go faster but then I’ll force you to go slower.

I’ll  toy with you the way I want during mutual masturbation. You’ll do as told because we both know I can make you cum hard. That moment we both finally get to cum we’ll do it together. It will be the most mind blowing mutual masturbation you ever experienced before. From intimate and erotic to rough and nasty, let’s have some fun together. If you can handle the best phone sex cum see your kinky little sex kitten. I have no limits, and as always, anything goes with a kinky girl like me.