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Infidelity is hot. I love sharing these cheating sex stories because you get to see what a dirty little whore I have been. His name is Jack and he just bought the house next door. I have mentioned him before and I got my wish. The first time I noticed him he was outside shirtless doing some roofing. The sweat was dripping off him and I thought he was sexy. His big broad shoulders and his huge muscles had my attention. Being the polite neighbor I am I went over to introduce myself and gave him a drink. As the week went on I watched from my window as he renovated his house. I think it was obvious that I was watching him but soon I learned he watching me too. I’ll be honest there was a little flirting which only made me want him more.

He could sense how attracted I was to him which is why he chose to make his move. As he moved closer towards me I kept backing up until I found myself against the wall. Jack came face to face with me and pinned me against the wall. His hands were gripping all over my body as he kissed me hard. I tried to stop him but even I know I want this. He rips my top off and fucks me hard. It was a change for me as normally I’m the dominant one normally but it felt good letting someone else take the control. Later that night Jack sent me a text telling me to open my blinds in my bedroom window. I thought he was just being sweet but I learned there was a hidden agenda. Jack text me again telling to lay on my bed and masturbate.

He had me crossing lines

My boyfriend was laying in the bed with me I told him. He replied with “Better keep the noise level down then.” He watched through my window as he instructed me how to masturbate. Jack wanted to be my guide and show me how to the best orgasm with masturbation. He didn’t even have to touch me to get me off. It was some intense mutual masturbation. The next night my boyfriend invited Jack over for dinner where jack teased me playing with my pussy underneath the table. I excused myself and stepped outside. It wasn’t long before Jack appeared and forced me to have sex against the house a few feet away from my boyfriend. I was scared of getting caught but Jack’s dominant force had me under a spell.

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