Real sex stories

Real sex stories are fun for me to share. I get to finally share what goes on in my bedroom. This sex story won’t disappoint for those who love tease and denial. If you know me well then you know I love to edging. My boyfriend got a dose this week. He still hasn’t came and I have been teasing since Tuesday. Tuesday night laying in bed my boyfriend cuddled me and I felt his hard cock pressing against my backside. His mouth nibbled against my hear as he knows that turns me on. As I rolled over and grabbed his cock asking him where would he like me to start. He left the choice up to me which was a mistake on his part. I crawled on top of him and kissed his lips while grinding my crotch against his.

It was worth watching him squirm

Of course, he was suspecting this was foreplay but he had no idea this would seven days of tease and denial. He tugged on my panties trying to get them off but I didn’t let him instead I stripped him down. My cotton panties are the only thing separating his bare cock from my pussy. I slide down and just as I go to lick his cock head I stop and lay down. Wednesday night as we lay in bed cuddling his cock is harder than the previous night. I reach down into his shorts and begin to stroke it. He throbs in my hand and as he gets closer to cumming I slow down on stroking. After calming him down I start stroking faster and harder but as he gets closer I let loose of his cock and go to sleep. Are you ready for Thursday?

The following night his cock is beyond hard and he is begging for me to fuck him. I crawl between his legs and remove his pants then I licked and sucked his cock. Cock sucking is very teasing especially the way I do it. After sucking his cock I let him rub his cock head all over my pussy but I didn’t let him put it inside me. Once again I went to sleep leaving him unsatisfied. Before he woke up in the morning I was in the bathroom masturbating while thinking of the torture I put him through. Friday night as we cuddled he begged me to stop teasing him but I didn’t. I let him remove my panties and finger my little pussy until I came. Afterwards I pretended to have fallen asleep. My real sex stories are a little mean because I love to torture men.

But I’m done yet

Saturday he threw it in my face that I came and then fell asleep on him but when I let him feel my soaked panties he thought he was going to finally get fucked. This time he crawled on top of me and licked my pussy and yes I came several times. I rolled him over and put the tip of his cock inside my pussy but only the tip. My hand jerked his shaft while his cock sat barely inside me. I got off him once I seen he was close. He went to sleep mad and horny. Tonight I caught him jerking off but he better get use to it because someone new has caught my eye. The boy next door is hot and I want a piece of that! Keep your eye on my cheating sex stories to see where that goes.

I’m all worked up thinking about it now I need hot phone sex.

Kinky Kelsey