There’s So Many Sexy Things About Muscular Hot Athletes.

So, can you guess what muscular hot athletes do the best? Number one, they know how to go till the final end. So, let me explain. These guys have stamina like you wouldn’t believe, so incredibly hot.

The guys and occasional girls come in so many shapes and sizes. I just love their muscular form and their tight oh, oh-so-hot bodies.

Muscular hot athletes have been the center of many good times.

Well, to be honest, muscular hot athletes are in so many of my sex story fantasies… and reality. I fucked so many fine muscular hot athletes. Let’s just be honest and raw. I love fucking them hard and furious!

Once, I snuck into the locker room where the athletes were prepping for the big football game that night. Let’s just say, I was there to give them the best pep talk they would ever have that evening.

There was this hot dude that would fuck me in the shower.

The steamy showers always had some fun stories behind them. Brian was so hot. I still remember his body, the way he felt against me as we fucked in the shower. I loved how his body would press into me as he thrust his rock-hard cock in and out of my pink pie hole.

To be honest, he knew I only wanted his cock in my mouth and pussy and that was all right with him. However, one day we were going at it hard. We had moved our fun to one of the benches.

I was lying down and had my legs over his shoulders. He was driving that dick so hard. My juices flowed from my pussy and down my ass. My mouth parted in a moan which turned to very expressive screams.

There was no way that we wouldn’t be caught.

Just then some muscular hot athletes walked into the room. Well, what happened next was no surprise for me. The jig was up and I was down for almost anything.

Let’s just say those guys had their way with me. I took cock in my mouth, tasted their juices as they squirt on my face and down my throat. My hands reached over and stroked some of their hard dicks while other athletes took turns plowing my soaking wet pussy.

The final blow that still makes me think about my hot times.

Well, the final blow was the one that did it for me. He came so hard that cum dripped from my pussy. He even took his throbbing dick out and was still shooting cum all over my tits and stomach.

There was so much cum that it looked like my body was speckled with his desire all over my body. By the time those muscular hot athletes were done with me, I had cum covering my body.

It almost looked like I had taken a bubble bath, but forgot to rinse off the suds.  I would definitely do it all over again. What a gang bang to remember.

So, were you one of those hot muscular athletes?  I bet you are so down for the best phone sex chat ever.


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