She Was Tied Down and made to Have Multiple Orgasms

The best thing about being a woman is our ability to have multiple orgasms. So many men think that they’ve done their job if they give us one orgasm but really they could do so much more. If you want to make your woman happy work her over until she’s breathless and feeling like a puddle of water. I was watching porn on my laptop and my boyfriend said something to me from across the room. I gave a grunt for an answer because I wasn’t really listening and he came over to see what I was watching. It was a video of a woman who was being forced to have multiple orgasms.

She was tied down and couldn’t move as a guy held a vibrator against her clit. She had tears down her face and was moaning as her sensitive clit got worked over non-stop. I let my boyfriend watch for a minute then asked him why he couldn’t make me cum like that. He slammed my laptop shut, got up and pulled me to my feet. He had a smirk on his face as he asked if that was what I really wanted. I nodded and he smiled as we went to the bedroom.

     We got undressed and I laid down on the bed.

My boyfriend told me that I was going to stay there until I was so fucked out that I couldn’t get out of bed. I told him to get on with it and he laid down beside me. We kissed and he slipped a finger inside my pussy. He stroked me until I started to get wet then he slid in a second finger. He moved them slowly in and out of me, giving me a slow build to an orgasm. When I was desperate for more he put his middle finger on my clit and rubbed it in firm circles. He gradually went faster and soon I was cumming.
He kept his fingers inside me as he stopped kissing me and moved down between my legs. So he slid his fingers lower and pumped them slowly as he bent down. He licked my pussy lips then pushed his tongue inside. He moved it up along my wall then over to my clit. Flicked his tongue over it again and again as his fingers kept going. I was still sensitive from cumming and my legs twitched as my clit sent tingles down me. He started to move his tongue in circles over my clit and he pumped his fingers faster.
I put my hand on the back of his head and pushed him down as I raised my hips up. I shoved my pussy against his mouth. His tongue rubbed harder. I had my second orgasm.

     He slid his fingers out of me, licked his lips clean and put his hands on my legs.

He held them apart as he got closer to me and shoved his dick inside my very wet and throbbing pussy. Then he pulled my thighs up so I was slightly off the bed and his dick brushed against my clit. I let out a moan as he started fucking me. My clit was starting to hurt from all the attention and it wasn’t long before he pushed me over the edge. I came for the 3rd time, it wasn’t as enjoyable and was a bit uncomfortable.
     I laid there, breathing heavy. My whole body twitched and sweat dripped down onto the mattress underneath me. I felt a sick kind of excitement as my boyfriend took my vibrator out of the bedside drawer and turned it on.

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