Orgasms feel so good and having multiple ones with the Sybian was a perfect mixture of pleasure and pain. If you’re wondering how I wound up riding one, read part one HERE.

     I couldn’t believe how many Orgasms I had and how hard I had cum and my pussy was so sensitive it hurt but I didn’t want it to stop. I stayed still for another few seconds then couldn’t take it anymore so I started to get up but Rob slammed his hand down on my shoulder. The dildo rammed up inside me and I cried out as it bruised me, making my lower stomach ache. “You’re not done fucking this,” he told me and kept his hand on me as he changed the speed setting to the next highest one.

     My pussy was full of sharp tingles and I kept shifting around, trying to ease the sensation but it was no good. I was so turned on and the littlest movement felt so strong. I had no idea how many Orgasms I could have or long he was going to make me fuck this Sybian or how long I’d be able to take it. My pussy felt so tight and wet as it clenched around the dildo and I could feel my juices squishing as it moved around in me. Rob moved behind me and put his arm around me, forcing me to lean back into him.

This angle made the dildo jab right onto my clit and it made me whimper in pain.

I was breathing hard and pressed my head against his chest as he put his hands over my breasts. I shuddered and had a mini orgasm while his big warm hands pinched my nipples a million times harder than I had been doing. The pleasure was being taken over by pain but I still didn’t want to stop; I was so horny and needed it so bad. I put an arm up and held his arm, my nails digging into him as it started to pass. My breasts rose up and down as I sucked in a deep breath. I licked my lips as the aching pain in my pussy got worse.

Rob slid his hands down my stomach and pressed his hand against the front of my pussy. The dildo touched me even more now and the vibrations got stronger. “No…” I moaned and whimpered, lifting my knees up to take some of the pressure off. His hand moved over my pussy as he began kissing my neck and I nearly lost my mind. “Stop, please… no more.” I finally begged and I was so shocked when he actually listened to me.

He took his hands off me and I sat up straighter. Being careful to not put too much pressure on my clit.

I thought we were finally done but he said: “No, I haven’t finished yet”. He stood beside me and kept a hand on my shoulder as he started jerking off again. His head was shiny from pre-cum and I watched as his fist moved hard and fast over his dick. My body was shaking and doing little spasms that weren’t actual orgasms as the dildo pushed past my soaking wet walls and my thighs were clenching so much they felt like they were on fire. Rob groaned and squeezed my shoulder as he leaned closer, shoving his dick right into my face. A second later cum splattered all over my face and dripped down my cheeks.

     I felt so exhausted and worn out all the Orgasms and cumming hard that when he finally turned off the Sybian it took me a minute before I was able to get off it. I was shaky as I got up and I had to lean on Rob as I steadied myself. The seat was covered with my pussy juices. Everything felt so sore and tender as I went to put my clothes back on. It had been an amazing fuck session and despite the pain, I wanted to go again.

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