Sybian up! A Sex toy I never heard of? This I HAD to check out ASAP!

 I was talking to one of my girlfriends, Ashley, about how I was in the mood to try something different. I was getting tired of blow jobs and fucking which shocked the hell out of me but everyone needs a change now and again I guess. Don’t worry though, she found the perfect thing called a Sybian to get me all excited again and my very short dry spell is over.

 Ashley asked if I’d ever tried a Sybian before and I had no idea what she was talking about. She just smiled and told me she had one in the playroom that she had in her basement and she and her boyfriend couldn’t get enough of it and it was something they couldn’t live without. I had to know what she was going on about and she told me to bring one of my fuck buddies over to her house for a little afternoon fun. Rob was free so he was the lucky boy and he was as excited as I was when we went into the playroom.

The Sybian turned out to be a sex machine with a big fat dildo sticking out the top.

We quickly got naked and I stood in front of Rob with my legs apart. I put a hand between my legs and slid a finger over my pussy lips, teasing myself until I felt a little tightness. I pushed my finger inside and stroked my walls before pumping it in and out of me. Rob reached down and grabbed his dick, jerking himself off slowly while he watched me. I moaned and moved faster, my nipples hardening as I got more turned on.

I slid my wet finger out of my pussy and went over to the Sybian, straddling it so the dildo was under my pussy. Then I lowered myself down and felt it go past my lips and push inside me. I shifted so that it was in deep and I was comfortable then Rob bent down and turned the Sybian on. The dildo started moving up and down and I sat there letting it fuck me while I fondled my breasts. My pussy throbbed at the feeling and I let out a little cry as the tip jabbed me.

Rob stood in front of me and kept playing with his dick while I rocked my hips forward. This was so much fun and my fingers pinched and kneaded my nipples, adding a bit of pain to it. The dildo kept pumping away, massaging my pussy and making it gush. It moved so fast and steady in me and it was like nothing I had ever felt before. Rob’s fist jerked his dick faster but he was careful not to cum and I knew it was making him so hard seeing me like this.

My pussy started to tighten and I pushed down on the dildo, forcing it in harder.

I started moaning and took my hands off my breasts so I could press them against the top of my thighs. Then I bit my lip as I started to lose control.

      I couldn’t breathe and my thighs kept clenching as the dildo moved inside me. My body tensed up and I leaned forward as it rubbed over my clit, the constant movement making me gasp and shake. My mouth fell open and I let out a strangled cry as I blanked out, letting my body do what it wanted. It was like my orgasm was the only thing I could feel and nothing else even mattered.

To be continued.

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