Mrs. Claus fucked elf on a shelf. Spike your eggnog and enjoy this spicy Christmas story!

Mrs. Claus fucked elf on a shelf. I know this to be true. We all think that Mrs. Claus is so innocent, don’t we? But I’m here to tell you different. Why do I know? I’m Prancer, one of the horny gay reindeer who is always cavorting with Dancer and Blitzen.  (Oh, come on, you knew we were gay!) And I have spent a lot of time peering through the frost in Mrs. Claus’s bedroom window. The North Pole can be a real snooze-fest 364 days of the year. Only spying on each other’s sexy antics kept us sane.

Elf on a shelf was a virgin and this drove Mrs. Claus wild!

Santa is an old dude though he functions pretty well on Viagra. He doesn’t begrudge Mrs. Claus a little extra-curricular activity, especially in December, when he’s so busy fixing up his sleigh. This year he got a new elf, a young boy-toy with a very peculiar cock. It was shaped like a candy cane! If you think we all had fun with Rudolph’s nose, you should hear how we busted this elf’s balls! However, when Mrs. Claus heard about this little elf and his candy cane cock, she got sopping-wet right away. Because truth be known, she is one kinky bitch.

New Elf was shy so Mrs. Claus had to rape him…

She tried seduction. Hot Mrs. Claus got all dolled up in her tiniest red dress with her tits popping out of the top of it. She made some brownies laced with pot and brought them over to New Elf, along with a pot of cocoa. But he declined to sample her wares. All he wanted to do was keep on hammering. So shit got real, real fast! Mrs. Claus took out some rope and she tied Elf to a shelf. Then she pulled off his little green pants and took a long look at his cock. Indeed it was shaped like a candy cane! However, she considered this a challenge.

Mrs. Claus sat on top of the elf and put his cock inside her.

Though New Elf’s cock was a weird shape, it was very hard. And Mrs. Claus’s cunt was as wet and juicy as a snow cone. So she jammed all of the Elf’s crooked cock into her pussy, and his little furry balls too. Soon Mrs. Claus was riding the Elf and he was moaning with pleasure. When he moaned it sounded like little bells tinkling. Tinkling makes me think of Santa Claus’s famous golden showers, but that’s a topic for another holiday…Right now I want you to imagine the ecstasy of Mrs. Claus as she came on top of the Elf. All of her cum ran down his face. He hadn’t been painted very well and her hot cum took all of the rouge off his cheeks.

When she was satisfied Mrs. Claus left the elf on a shelf.

She hiked her skirts back down, untied the elf, and left him sitting on a shelf. That’s how he got there in the first place. So now you know the origin of that story! Don’t believe the G-rated version. Prancer has been around the world a few times and is a wise buck. Now let me tell you about my cougar friend, Sheridan.

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