BBC for XXXmas has become a tradition in my home.

BBC for XXXmas is the present that I crave. Maybe some women want diamonds, cars or fancy trips. Not me! Give me that ole smoking hot BBC, baby. And my husband understands just what I want.  Plus, he craves it too. So we plan to celebrate on Christmas Eve by enjoying BBC together. Maybe we will inspire you to start your own BBC cuckolding tradition!

Here’s how our Triple XXX Christmas plan works:

My husband Charles will decorate the tree and make some eggnog. (I like it nice and spicy!) While he does this I coat my nude body with expensive perfume, so that I am as seductive as a flower. I slip on a tiny white dress and put on my silver stilettos. Note: I have not mentioned underwear. That’s because I’m not wearing any. Then I kiss my husband goodbye and go out to get our feast for Christmas Eve. We plan on having BBC for XXXmas!

I shop for our feast at the local bar.

A lot of college guys hang out there.  So I know that I will find the BBC I’m looking for…It doesn’t take me long to spot my prey. He’s a big athletic guy with dark chocolate brown skin, my favorite shade. I wave him over and buy him a drink; after all, it’s the season to be generous. And if I’m generous with him, I hope he’ll be generous with me. I find out his name is Mike and that he loves hot, blonde, busty cougars. Why it’s my lucky night!

It’s easy to lure this alluring BBC back to my place…

Did I ever tell you I have an all-white bedroom? So Mike and his huge hard black cock really stand out (pun intended!). After I strip him I push him on the bed. Want to know the best part? We can see ourselves reflected in the giant mirror over my bed, and his 13-inch cock looks bigger than ever. I can hardly wait to suck on it. Soon I am gagging as he thrusts it deeper and deeper down my throat. BBC for XXXmas sure tastes good! My seductive black boy is in too deep to withdraw now, wink wink. He keeps thrusting while my husband sits on the bed, takes out his cock, and starts to jerk off.

But it wouldn’t be BBC for XXXmas unless Hubby joined in!

Of course, Mike doesn’t know this but Charles and I have it all planned out…Just as Mike begins to thrust that terrific BBC into my pussy, my husband comes in. Though makes it seem like he has just come home and found us this way, his shock is all an act. Charles is even more xxx-cited than I am to have BBC for XXXmas. I soothe Mike and tell him it’s okay, that he should just go with it.

Mike cums inside of me. Guess what my husband does?

He licks that cum right out of my pussy. After all, that’s the whole point of BBC for XXXmas–it’s a present to us both! You can’t be selfish on Christmas! Mike is also generous and glad that he has given us this gift. To be honest, he tells us, this isn’t the first time he has cuckolded a beautiful housewife while her white husband watches. And it probably won’t be the last. I hope this story has inspired you to create your own BBC for XXXmas tale.

BBC for XXXmas, not your thing? Don’t worry: there are still plenty of kinks we can celebrate.

So don’t feel lonely this holiday season. First, pick up the phone. Next, grab your cock. Then call me, Sheridan, the most voluptuous cougar (triple DDS titties) at Phone Sex Kingdom. You know I desire taboo phone sex and sultry detailed role plays. And if animal transformation is your particular pleasure, remember I love sexy beasts. Now you might say I’m the gift that keeps on giving! Happy holidays, darling.

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