I love sexy beasts. Remember the fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast?”

I love sexy beasts.  And I want to be your Beauty. Recently I talked to a man named Sam.  “Do you do transformation?” he asked.  I replied, “Do you want to be transformed into a woman?” Then Sam started to moo. I realized he wished to become a cow. So I described how his two legs turned into four, his feet into hooves; then I told him about his swishing tail and the bell around his neck.

“I need you to milk me,” he demanded. “That would make me cum.”

Of course, I couldn’t refuse. You know I love sexy beasts. So I had to take care of this one.  Tenderly yet firmly I squeezed Sam’s udders, letting all the frothy milk into the bucket. He wanted to be sure everyone was watching. I made sure the whole farm turned out and observed me milking him. Soon I got Sam so hot he shot out cream for real…

A cow is domestic. But a wolf is wild.

Now I love sexy beasts. And you know wolves qualify. So one full moon I got a call from a man claiming he was a werewolf.  This was so kinky that I soon became horny.  Honestly, I started to get wet as he howled. I saw his body growing coarse fur and his fangs glistening in the moonlight. You know, he was a wild animal who wanted to cum quickly. That’s why I love sexy beasts. They’re just so virile but they will eat out of Beauty’s hand.

Transforming into an animal is NOT Bestiality.

“Transformation fetish” is a thing all on its own! It means you feel aroused by turning into an animal, in your imagination. Because I love sexy beasts, I’m here to help you do this. So I’m really great at suspending disbelief and totally ready to accept you as the animal you want to be. Now the most common transformations are into foxes, dogs or wolves, cattle and horses. But some people choose to become fish, birds or amphibians–you know like when the Princess kissed the Frog. Animal transformation really puts the fantasy element back into sexual fantasy!

This is the main reason I love sexy beasts:

In my years as an actress, I did a lot of transformation myself. Though I didn’t turn into animals I played other characters, and I know how liberating it can be. While I never played a cow, I have learned there is a “HuCow” fetish. This porn revolves around women producing milk, lactating, on demand from huge teats. The women are usually milked by intricate breast-pumping machines, while dressed as bovines. I consider this a form of bondage porn. Personally, I like my own huge tits to be covered by a fur coat.  I transform into a mink or chinchilla by throwing a fur coat on over my panties!

I can be a beast or I can be a beauty.

When you call me, Sheridan, I guarantee hot phone sex. But everything else is a surprise. I have many sides to my personality: naughty and nice, sophisticated and low down. I can have fun masturbating alone but I have also attended exclusive swingers parties!  I’m one of those phone sex girls who is very much a woman: milf, cougar, yummy Mommy. Call me soon and unleash your own sexy beast.

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