Exclusive swingers parties absolutely exist. Are you in?

Exclusive swingers parties may seem like the stuff of fantasy.  Did you see the movie “Eyes Wide Shut?” You should keep your eyes wide open! Go ahead…obtain an invite to the wild sex party of your dreams. There, you will meet beautiful, horny, alluring women who want YOUR dick. However,  you will pay big-time if you wish to swap wives with a Russian oligarch or American tycoon!

Join an expensive sex club like SNCTM.  Then swing with the best!

Exclusive swingers parties are held at SNCTM. They are a private members club and they throw parties in cities world-wide, including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Moscow and Kiev.  Beware: SNCTM charges an annual membership fee of $75,000. If you pay this, however, you will get to go to all of their parties. Of course it’s not as easy as writing a check; you must also submit a membership form. In order to obtain the highest caliber of clientele, you have to be approved. That’s before you write the check! Do you think great money buys great sex? You’ll never know until you try…

Do you need a cheaper sex club option? Try Killing Kittens.

Killing Kittens holds smoking hot parties for a fee of $1500, if you come with a female partner.  However, if you “cum” alone it will cost you $1850 per event. Plus, Killing Kittens hosts parties for couples, at $250 a pop, in places like London penthouses and Caribbean yachts.  Now I know that I love exclusive swingers parties like this one! So will you, baby! Here, you will get to sample plenty of rich men’s wives. You will touch silky-smooth skin, kiss pretty pink nipples and enter exquisite pussies. And you will cum with the erotic elite!

Desire the creme de la creme of exclusive swingers parties?

Go to Les Chandelles in Paris. There, politicians, celebrities, and other VIPS swap wives with the likes of you and me. Because you are in France, after you fuck, you will be served a banquet. Chow down on pussy–as well as caviar, steak, and bream ceviche. No matter what you’re longing for, you are sure to have every kinky craving fulfilled.

You must follow one rule at exclusive swingers parties:

Consent is always mutual! If you hear a woman say “yes” then all is good to go. Other than that, the only rule is to have fun. You will wallow in the enjoyment of superb surroundings, gourmet food, and the juiciest cunt available on the planet. What’s not to love? So I hope I have convinced you to save your pennies and invest in an exclusive swingers party today! It’s an investment that will give you back a lot more than bitcoin or high-tech stock!!

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