I’ve Been A Mouthy Bitch And It’s About Damn Time, You Flip The Script!

As you can clearly tell from most of my stories, I am a dominant mouthy bitch and it’s about time you teach me a lesson. I have embarrassed you, abused you, made you my little fucking bitch and tonight is the night, you stop me completely in my tracks! It was just about that time, for you to cum home from work and I knew what was in store, or so I thought!

The moment you walked into the house, I immediately approached you as I have every single night, since the night we moved in together eager, quick, and VERY domineering! Just as I was about to ritually grab you by your collar, you grabbed me by the throat and led me to the bedroom. Before I could even react, you slammed me down on the bed and without any hesitation, you said, “Your bullshit stops tonight! From this moment on, you will be obedient and you will be my sex slave. If you so much as think about uttering one mother fucking word, you WILL regret it. Do you understand??!!”

Absolutely astonished and shocked, I couldn’t even muster up a yes.

I just laid there like a fucking idiot. You looked at me, dead ass in my sultry brown eyes and said, “Bitch, I will NOT repeat myself. DO YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND and trust me you fucking cunt, if I have to repeat myself again, things will NOT work out in your favor, so one more time. DO YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND ME MOUTHY BITCH?” Unlike last time you asked me a question, I immediately made it crystal clear that I understood.

Although to be perfectly honest, I really thought you were just playing and goofing off, but as I soon realized that couldn’t have been further from the truth. However, unfortunately for me and probably fortunately for you that realization came a little too late and like the naughty girl I am, I tested your limits and fuck did I pay for it.

You had no problems whatsoever giving me the what for and gave me a lashing, I will NEVER forget!

Let’s just say, you brought out the ball gag, whips, and zip ties…yes, zip ties and holy fucking shit, I’ve never experienced so much pain in my life. You straddled my body and forced that gag in my mouth, I knew you meant business and I knew I was in for a hurting, but that was only the beginning.

You got down towards my pussy and I thought for sure you were going to eat that hot little box, just like you always did before, but certainly not this time. No, no, no, in fact you took those zip ties and pulled the loops tight around my clit. By the end of your sudden case of torture, I thought for sure my poor little clit was going to fall off…..but that wasn’t even the half of it! What happened next, was straight out of a snuff film and I am STILL suffering the consequences! Are you intrigued by what happened next? Call me, force me into submission, take away ANY dignity I may have left and DEMAND for me to tell you!!

Hot Phone Sex!