Mother in law sex stories just took me over an edge!  WAIT-a-second, oh-judgy one!  So, here’s how it happened. My mother-in-law and I have shared everything since the day I started dating her son.  But, that reached a whole new level when I MARRIED him!
We had been married for a couple months before he told me about her.  After she came for a visit, “Mom” couldn’t shut up about how handsome he was and if only she were younger (and he wasn’t her SON!!!) she’d go after him. I’ll never know what possessed me to say it, but I said, “Why wait? He keeps bugging me about a threesome!”
“Joey, are you serious?” Mom asked.
“Why not? We share everything else!”
“Well, if you’re sure you’re okay with it, let’s do it.”
So, I quietly set everything up for Friday night.  Phil got home at about 7 and he knew I’d have a special surprise for him.  I led him to the bedroom, undressed him and told him to lie back on the bed. I did a slow strip tease for him, using the stripper pole we have.  Finally, I slid my pussy along his chest until I sat on his face, looking down at his beautiful eyes.
“Ready for your surprise, Hubby?”
Of course, he couldn’t talk with his mouth full of pussy.  He nodded.
Watching his eyes as he felt another mouth start sucking him; while I kept grinding my juice-box on his face! But, the look when he realized he was getting his dream threesome, AMAZING!!!
Furthermore, what appeared on his face after he realized the woman who had just swallowed his load was his OWN mother was hysterical!
This is HOW I Became A Phone Sex Operator! LOL.
Mother In Law Sex Stories