Mother In Law Seduces and Fucks and Her Daughters Son

Mother In Law asked her son-in-law to come into her bedroom and help her with something. Larry had many suspicions about his wife’s mother ever since she came to live with them. He often felt uncomfortable with her free spirit and her sexy clothing. His wife was a mild-mannered soul and very she. She would never wear the same type of clothing as her mother. Larry struggled with taboo thoughts of his wife’s mother, Miss Maggie, whenever he saw her walk down the hall. She oozed a sexiness he hungered for.

She had something that she did not pass on to her daughter.

Larry had dreams of Miss Maggie and him fucking and sucking each other. He was ashamed of his dreams but also really turned on. As a matter of fact, the only way he could get his dick hard enough to fuck his wife was to think of her mother naked and calling his name. He felt as though Miss Maggie knew she was turning him on. She always wore such sexy clothes. Now that she had called Larry to come to her room which is on the far side of the house and far away from his and his wife’s bedroom.

His wife was fast asleep and he tiptoed to the other side of their large house and into the hallway where the room for his Mother In Law was. He knocked on her door. She opened the door and was totally naked. “I’ve been waiting for you, Larry. I’ve been waiting for you to FUCK ME.” Larry thought he was dreaming until he felt her lips on his and her tits against his chest and his hands rubbing her ass. He threw her on the bed and spread her legs. He pumped her pussy full of his hard cock and called out her name, “Oh Miss Maggie”.

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