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Mother-in-law hot sex is a gateway to your hottest fantasies.  My husband’s father recently remarried while on a business trip to Vegas.  Of course, that was no big surprise.  As soon as possible, I invited them over for dinner. Then I got the call from my husband that he wasn’t going to make it home.  I wasn’t thrilled with that news, but I soon realized this provided a perfect opportunity to add a chapter to my mother-in-law sex stories.

Opening the door, I found myself getting excited. I smiled as I invited them in, getting a bit flustered as they entered.  They really were a stunning couple, and my father-in-law had been the subject of a few fantasies of mine.  When I told them that it would be just the three of us, his seductive smile got me all tingly.  Fantasies of new mother-in-law hot sex were filling my head.

Hot Phone Sex is Even Hotter with Family

Dan, my father-in-law,  sat between me and his wife, Veronica, at the table.  As the wine continued to flow, my arousal grew and grew.  As I cleared the dinner dishes, I leaned over Dan to brush my breast against his arm.  My nipple hardened, and a quiet gasp slipped out of my mouth.  Looking up at me, my father-in-law slid his wrist back and forth against my nipple.  Biting my lip, I quickly glanced at Veronica with nervous excitement.  Her playful smirk made my breath catch in my throat.  She reassured me with a small nod and looked at her husband.  After sharing a knowing look, they both began playing with my nipples. It was at that moment I realized that my fantasy of mother-in-law hot sex might really happen.

Perhaps Public Sex Could be Added to Make it Even Hotter!

Before I knew what was happening, Dan took the dishes out of my hands.  Taking my hand and Veronica’s, he led us into the living room.  “Veronica, why don’t you help Chanel with her clothes?” Dan’s husky voice suggested as he began to disrobe.  Veronica’s touch was gentle but deliberate as she began to undress me.  She leaned forward to kiss me, and I could feel Dan’s hand slide down to caress my tingling clit. His big fingers pushed into my achingly wet cunt, and I gasped, instinctively leaning into his touch. Veronica began to pull her own clothes off once she finished with mine, and before I knew it, we were both naked. Dan had a hot and taboo suggestion.  As I prepared myself for this exciting mother-in-law hot sex, Dan tied a blindfold around each of us ladies’ heads.

Family Affair

As Veronica and I knelt on the floor together, I began to tremble with arousal.  Feeling her fingers stroking my clit, I moaned as my pussy began to drip. Suddenly Dan put his hand on the back of my head.  Of course, as he pushed me forward to take his cock in my mouth, I let out a moan of pleasure.  I felt Veronica’s mouth there as well.  We were sharing his cock and each other’s tongues.  As we sucked his cock and each other, I found myself feeling grateful.  Dan’s hot cum shot all over our mouths.  I became even more aroused with the act of kissing and licking the hot juice off his cock. I had a major addiction to the taste of cum in my mouth.

Mother-In-Law Hot Sex is the New Gateway to Pleasure

I love the warmth and thickness of it as it slides down my throat.  Veronica’s sounds of pleasure confirmed to me that she was enjoying this as much as I was. I leaned forward and began to lick it off her mouth, trailing my lips down her neck to her perfect tits.  My mouth found her hard nipple, and I sucked at the buds of her breasts as Dan parted my pussy lips with his tongue.  As his talented mouth brought me closer to orgasm, Veronica pulled me up by my hair. Her mouth met mine as my body was rocked with waves of ecstasy, and I came hard. The room was filled with the sounds of mutual gratification.  My in-laws are truly the best guests.

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