Elizabeth is a gifted girl in every way. She is intelligent, creative, beautiful, and willing to do everything mommy tells her to do. Of course, men are always fawning over her but it hasn’t been the right time for that until now. We have been experimenting and exploring each other for as long as I can remember but men have not been a big part of that. It is time for some Mother-Daughter Bonding.

Yes, we have been bonding all along. No, she has not had sex with a man yet and that is what we are going to bond over. Some of my fuck buddies have kissed her and I have let her hold their cocks. However, she is still a virgin. This mommy is going to use that this weekend by pimping out her virginity at the Ritz-Carlton here in our town.

Our mother-daughter bonding weekend is going to be busy!

I have the most amazing suite booking. This place is fancy. We have multiple rooms so I can have Elizabeth set up in one room, keeping those waiting for a turn in the other rooms. As a Bewitching Sensual FinDom, I know all about controlling men. This is more men at once than my little pay piggies but I am using the same skills for them. Of course, if any of our guests want a run with this MILF diva, that is on the menu too!

The main reason any of them are attending is to get a chance with my beautiful Elizabeth. Consequently, only one of them is getting that virginal pussy cherry. Once it is popped though, they all get a shot at fucking the tight teen pussy. I guarantee it is going to be the tightest thing many of their dicks have seen in ages. And, it isn’t going to come cheap either.

This mom knows how to make that money rain.

Our mother-daughter bonding weekend is going to make us a fortune. Not only that, but it is also going to bring us a slew of regular return customers for Elizabeth and possibly me too. Of course, I also have this naughty experience to share with my callers during my Ageplay Phone Sex sessions. A lot of guys love hearing about dirty moms and the things they do to their daughters.

We are here in the suite and both of us are in awe of how nice it is. Elizabeth is nervous but also excited about tonight. She is a mommy’s girl and trusts me. We have been discussing how it will be the first time and that it is going to hurt like hell. The guy that has bought her virginity wants it to be rape so she and I have been practicing on her screaming and crying. He is going to be satisfied with his purchase tonight.

My kid is a master with her many skills.

And, why wouldn’t she be with me as her teacher? I am a bad MILF in many ways. Teaching my kid all the necessary survival skills is imperative in this day and age. Of course, she has the looks and brains to do so much. I know she is going to go far. As our mother-daughter bonding weekend is starting we order an amazing dinner. We are eating out on the balcony enjoying the view.

After dinner, she goes to shower as I finish making sure everything is just right in the suite. Right on the time, the knocks start. There are men arriving in groups and on their own. I have invited at least twenty men tonight and the next three nights. I believe she can handle that many and if it is too much, nympho mommy can step in to entertain the men.

Our first customer is arriving and anxious as a new bride.

I bring him in, get him a drink, and set him down to chat. As he and I are chatting, I text Elizabeth to let her know he is here and will be in soon. We discuss the plan for his time with her and that I will be in the room with them. He is all smiles and even more turned on to learn that. I make sure everyone is good with drinks, let them know I will be back out in a bit and we go into the bedroom.

Elizabeth is wearing a beautiful white lingerie outfit we purchased just for this one guy. Of course, he is happy to see her and loves the outfit. I can tell he is nervous and help him start undressing. From there he is ready. Curious to know how her first fuck went? Did the rape scenario go successfully? Call me to find out about her the entire night!

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