I love having multiple subs under me. As a Bewitching Sensual FinDom, it is easy getting the little pay piggies to follow me around. I am addicting to men, my scent, and the way I am controlling their lives. Of course, I am loving their money, tributes, and all the bling they bring. One of my favorite subs is an older married man. He is an interesting fella.

He has a nice dick and it stays hard for hours. I not only use him as a pay pig but also to pleasure my insatiable pussy. Additionally, from the moment he arrives, he is to strip down and get into his collar and leash. I drag him around the house the entire time he is there. Furthermore, I make his sniff my ass like the bitch he is and get pleasure from doing just that.

He is a good boy for this bewitching sensual findom.

Not only is he good with his cock, but he is also great with his mouth! I am into making him worship my body. He is to massage my entire body. Then, he is to pleasure me with his oral skills. Of course, this isn’t to happen quickly. I expect him to make it a long process in pleasing me. Using his mouth and hands to make sure I am completely happy and cum.

I am into all kinds of naughty things. When my friend, Billy reached out to see if I was open to being in Amateur Cum Slut Videos, I was like, “Hell Yes!” We had so much fun making them. Advertising all over the place to find guys to be in the videos and cum all over me. We had a blast making it and after, my husband took me on an awesome vacation to heal.

I am a pervert and happy to be that way!

All the fun I am having with my pay pigs and making the videos I can share with my callers on my Nympho MILF Phone Sex sessions. If you guys love these naughty scenarios, we can always have fun with them. Of course, I am always looking for new piggies. Do you need a bewitching sensual findom to take your money? This gal has open interviews to find worthy candidates.

Back to my current little piggy. He is being a good boy and giving his goddess what she is needing. I love cumming again and again. Of course, it is time now to give him a special treat. As I am telling him how good he is with his mouth, he is sliding my strapon up my long sexy legs and latching it into place.

It is a special cum loaded strapon for his tight little ass.

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For an older man, he is wild. Maybe after being married for so long, he is finally finding his true self with me. I am having him crawl around making piggy sounds. He is to drop money from his ass for me as he is crawling around the floor. Of course, he is the one that will be cleaning it up too. I just enjoy a pay piggy that is shitting out money for his bewitching sensual findom!

Seriously, he makes me belly laugh as he is doing it!

Then, it is time. I bend him over a bench. I spread those old butt cheeks and slowly start to enter his man pussy. He is whimpering that it still hurts, but I know he is loving every minute of it. In no time at all, I am completely inside him and start fucking him nice and slow. Soon, he is begging me to pound his tight ass. So, I give it to him hard and fast, releasing the cum in my strapon as he shoots his load as well!

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