Young Curious Virgin

When I was younger, I was a curious, young virgin. My mother and I were very close. I could share anything with her. We always had special mother and daughter times. Sometimes we would go shopping, or paint our nails. Other times we would cuddle up with a fluffy blanket and watch movies.I cherished every moment with her. I could never leave her side. Who better to ask my curious questions to than my best friend?

Movie Night

During one of our movie nights, we were watching a movie about horny college girls trying to find their soulmates. They weren’t doing a very good job finding a soulmate by having sex with every hot guy they met, but one girl got very lucky. During one of her dates, she finally made love instead of just having sex. The passionate sex scene turned me on. I started to touch myself under the blanket me and my mom were sharing. When she noticed, she knew I had reached an age and she would have to have the talk.

Mother and Daughter Bonding

She paused the movie and feeling of pure embarrassment washed over me when I knew she had caught me playing with myself. Instead of ripping off the blanket t expose and scold me like I thought, she did the opposite. My mom knew exactly what a mother and daughter should do in this situation. She slid her hand down and placed it on top of mine. With a small smile, she moved my hand out of the way.

Mommy Masturbates For Me

She pressed rewind on the sex scene that had gotten me so wet before. She told me to relax and feel the proper way to play with myself. I wasn’t sure if a mother and daughter should be doing this, but it felt so good when she pressed her middle finger firm against my young, inexperienced clit. I let my mommy show me how to make myself feel good. I continued to watch the sex scene as I felt myself beginning to moan along with the movie. Mommy had stimulated my clit with my pussy juices, and slowly started to insert her fingers inside of me.

Cum For Mommy

Matching the tempo of the couple on TV my mommy finger banged me under the blanket during our favorite mother and daughter time. She kissed my neck and told me to feel each bit of pleasure. As my body began to shake, I didn’t know what to do. She whispered so soothing into my ear, “Cum for mommy.” And at that moment I had the wettest first orgasm ever, all over my mommy’s fingers. Mommy helped clean me up and kissed me goodnight. Mother and daughter time taught me how to please myself and maybe one day I can return the favor to my mommy.