Mommy Blowing Santa Claus

I caught mommy blowing Santa Claus underneath the mistletoe last night! She thought she had tucked me in tight enough that I would be asleep for the whole night. I snuck out of bed to see if Santa had come to bring us presents yet and couldn’t believe what I saw. Mommy was on her knees in front of the jolly bearded man, sucking and rubbing all over his Mr. Claus cock! That’s right! I saw mommy blowing Santa Claus right in the middle of the living room!

Naughty List

I don’t know if she noticed at first and decided to keep going, but with my thumb in my mouth I sucked along with mommy as she blew him. Daddy was snoring loudly, but I was so worried he would walk in and catch mommy blowing Santa Claus too. I would be even more embarrassed if he caught me touching myself to the sight of it all. He would be sure to have us both put on the naughty list and have our presents returned for coal! But mommy was doing such a good job. The big red man sounded so happy with the way my mommy sucked on his jingle balls.

White Christmas

I knew that by mommy blowing Santa Claus, we would surely have more presents under the tree this year! I wonder if mommy asked for a big, fat cock in her mouth for Christmas. If she did, Santa surely delivered! I sat and watched them until Santa gave my mom a White Christmas all over her face. Santa really knew how to spread the holiday cheer this year! I wonder if Santa will ever let both of us kiss the tip under the mistletoe. I know a mother and daughter blowjob would make his world trip more enjoyable! I’ll be sure to put it on next year’s wish list!

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