It isn’t often that one is presented with the option of having a mostly female foursome.

Although, having a mostly female foursome is within the interests of most guys that I know. I was fucking this girl around the same time as this guy. They were both cute friends of mine. Both tall, thin, brunettes. She had perky tits and sexy freckles. I enjoyed them both quite a bit. I asked the guy that I had been fucking if he wanted to meet my other friend that I had been fucking. We all fucked one night after a party that we went to. They had already met, but only flirtatiously. That night we all kissed and fondled in the dark. Then, I turned the light on, and we took off all of our clothes.

After a few threesomes, and after he fucked her a couple of times, she dropped the idea of this friend that she had been sleeping with. She said that she was short, like me, and had curly black hair. I then took this idea to the dude we had been sleeping with. He was, of course, interested. We decided to do a fun little meetup, just in case she was not our type. We all went on a little date and got to know each other better. She was a cute, shy little creature.  A bit curvier. But my friend told me that she thought the dude was cute and me as well. So, after a couple more sets of slow hangouts, due to her shyness, we ended up all fucking. We all sat on the couch, watching movies.

I felt my friend sliding her hand up my skirt and trailing her fingers back and forth along with my panties.

Then I turned to see my other friend realize the mostly female foursome was happening and he kissed the new girl.  Then I began to kiss my friend. I felt her playing with my clit, and she moved her hand, sliding it underneath my panties. Then, she slid her fingers inside my pussy. My other friend had his hand on the new girl’s tits while they made out. Then I began stripping my friend down and straddling her after she slid my panties off. She slid her fingers back inside of me, and I watched my other friend finish stripping the new girl. My friend made me cum all over her fingers, and then we traveled upstairs and passed around my magic wand like it was candy. I first started with my friend.

I edged her with it, on and off until I made her cum. The other two continued making out, and my other friend slid his fingers into the new girl’s pussy. My friend turned the wand on me and made me cum a second time with it. Then, I passed it to my other friend, and he used it on the new girl. After she came hard, he handed the wand to me, and I began kissing the new girl. As I did this, My friend kissed my other friend, and she started sucking his cock.

I slid my fingers into the new girl while touching the wand to her clit.

She squirted all over my fingers. My other friend filled my friend’s mouth with his cum, and then the new girl placed the vibrator between my legs and made me cum all over. Then, I turned to see my other friend, press the vibrator between my friend’s legs and wiggle it until she came. We laid there, and when my other friend grew hard again, we fucked again. He slid into the new girl while we played with her and teased her. After she came on his cock, he moved on to my friend. He slid into her while we messed with her nipples and kissed her. Then, after making her cum, he moved on to me and fucked me. He slid into my dripping pussy and pumped in and out of me.

He seemed so relieved when I came because he immediately emptied inside of me. We laid in a heap of sweat and bodies. Who knew we would cum so many times in a mostly female foursome.

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mostly female foursome