Morning Sex ~ Let Me Be Your Body Worshiping Alarm

A Letter from a Lover…

My Sexy Simone,

Simone, my favorite phone sex operator I love morning sex. As I woke up this morning, I was thinking about you. My thoughts were about literally just spreading your legs open on the bed to eat a little pussy just before some amazing morning sex. As you begin to wake up, I move my mouth to suck on those wonderful titties.  Followed by moving my hands up and down over the nipples making them nice and hard.  Yes, I love morning sex, Simone.

As your nipples get harder and harder, I begin to kiss your little lips and I feel your tongue against mine. Fuck yes,  I slide you right over on top of me. Rocking against my hard cock you make me hard and throbbing. Touching you with my hands on your back and then rubbing them underneath your massive boobs. Your heavy tits are driving me crazy. Licking and rubbing your nipples I make you moan.

My cock taps against your clitoris. The juices of your wet pussy drip down on it. Unable to take any more I lift you and guide your hips to slide my throbbing dick inside you. As I’m thrusting with long deep strokes, you bounce up and down on the thickness of my shaft. Rolling over on your back I continue to fuck you hard and deep. You can feel my balls pounding against your ass during this morning sex.


Moaning and thrusting upward against my strokes you drive me insane. I don’t want to cum yet so I pull out and slide between your legs to lick your clit bringing you closer to the brink. Feeling your legs squeeze over my shoulders and know you are about to cum. All at once, I flip you onto your belly and left your ass high in the air. I want you to feel me deep inside of your pussy. While spreading your ass cheeks open I slide my cock in your pussy stroking it deep hearing you moan with every stroke. Once my cock is buried deep inside of you stretching your wet pussy all the way open it feels amazing. You moan louder as you hear me groan, “fuck yes Simone” and I pull your hair back arching your back to fuck you harder.

It was then that I feel you clench my dick with your pussy making me so rock hard and pushing me right up to the edge. Throbbing my balls they want to unload in you. I pull my dick slippery and wet out and I lay down beside you.


As I push your head down to suck on my cock, I feel your hot tongue spitting around the head then deep throating it. While my whole dick is buried deep in your mouth and I feel your throat gagging on it, it excites me. You slip your pussy over my face and I slurp your cunt juice that is dripping down in my mouth.

Suddenly you feel my hands rubbing your ass spreading your ass cheeks open then I slide a finger in your asshole. I love how you feel and taste as your tight asshole clenches around my finger as your pussy drips into my mouth. Baby, your clit is throbbing against my tongue just as my cock is pumping faster into your mouth.

As always,  morning sex feels so fucking good Simone.  I love fucking you in the morning. It is then that you suck down on my dick harder and you feel my cock throb in your mouth at this point there’s no stopping it and you know I am going to erupt in your mouth!  I know I can reach you at phone sex kingdom but I still dream of having you in my bed every night.

Your Lover,


Phone sex is about fantasy. Your fantasies are what drive your desires and with mutual masturbation, we can bring each other to an explosive orgasm. Never be afraid to dream, fantasize or cum to me for release. I want to be your phone sex lover.