This is my Dirty Little Phone Slut Submissive Telling You About The Time He Took My Monstrous Cock for the First Time

My hands couldn’t stop shaking as I held the phone and my cock in each hand; I was so nervous! It was such a turn on to imagine how it’d feel to have that monstrous thing inside me. My dick was pulsing in my hand, dripping pre-cum everywhere as she plowed me. “Open your mouth, whore,” she said, and I was immediately snapped back to reality by her voice on the other end of the line. So fierce, so demanding, so… perfect.


“Open wide for Mistresses treat, you’ve gotta get it nice and sloppy to fit into that tight ass of yours,” she said as the tip touched my lips as I stared down the length, barely able to fathom how this monstrous thing was going to fit inside me anywhere. Mistress saw the look of awe on my face, but she merely chuckled and forced the first few inches inside me. I pulled back before she could go deeper, that… was a mistake. “Trying to run from me my toy?” she seethed as she forced 6 thick inches into my mouth, I gagged as she hit my throat. Mistress Raine continued to ravage my throat; at this point, I was almost dizzy enough to pass out.

I had tears streaming down my face as my throat raw from her assault.

I could only look at her, my eyes begging for mercy. “Does my toy need a break?” I only nodded. She laughed, “That’s fine its time to try another hole anyway”.

My beautiful Mistress finally dislodged her cock from my throat, and I stole a good look at the monstrous thing that had so thoroughly violated me. Her strap on was HUGE; 10 inches long and 2 and a half inches around, at least. I swelled with pride as it was covered in my spit. It was at that moment I knew I could take it, that mistress was going to use me exactly how I needed to be used.

Incest Phone Sex!