Jake is one of my best friends. My mom and his mom Janice are besties. They have known each other all their lives. Jake and I have grown up together too. We run in different circles now that we are not in grade school anymore. I like the bad boy crowd and Jake is part of the stuck up jocks. Moms best friend took my virginity is going to be his new reality very soon!

You know me, I am a little slut. I have fucked plenty of those jocks on the down-low. Not Jake, he is a virgin nerd. He is so proud of that fact. Personally, I don’t see why anyone would wait. Sex is fucking awesome! I have sex as much as possible. Could be how I get my shitty reputation, lol.

Most people I know from school are fucking!

Everyone at school thinks it is wild that Jake has held out. No one is sure who he is holding out for as most of our town has fucked someone. Jake is also super smart and focused. He will be going to a great college soon. Maybe he will meet the girl of his dreams there.

I love weekends as my mom usually heads out with Janice for their girl getaways. This weekend my friends and I are supposed to go to the cabin for some party time. Beth’s parents have this cool cabin in the country for vaca’s and we are doing a weekend trip. It will literally be a trip!

Little do I know “moms best friend took my virginity” will be taking place at my house!

We head up to the cabin but on the way, Jill’s car breaks down. Our weekend is shot down and we will have to head back home. One of Beth’s parent’s friends rescues us and we spend Friday night there. Turns out he and his wife are super freaky and fun. We still get to have one night of partying fun!

Back home, Janice had to leave town and asked mom if Jake could stay at our house until she gets home. Mom is at home with Jake the virgin. What a boring weekend they are going to have. So grateful I won’t be back until later today. Our group is finally back on the road and heading back home.

It is a nice weekend but would have been better with us in the cabin.

We are pulling into my drive. I get all my stuff say the goodbyes to my friends and discuss our plans for later tonight. Walking into the house it is strangely quiet upstairs. Then I hear a thumping sound coming from upstairs. Does mom have Jake moving furniture, too fucking funny?!

Cheap Phone Sex

I bounce up the stairs and as I hit the landing I hear load moaning from my mom. What the fuck is going on here? Deciding I should be quiet, I slowly slide my way to my mom’s bedroom door. I get down on my knees and look in the keyhole. I see a huge cock touching my mother’s leg. Holy shit, this will add to my taboo phone sex.

Who’s dick is that, and OMG,  it is so big!

Then, I fucking see it is Jake! Mom is grinding her pussy on his leg and he is rock hard. He is looking nervous but also extremely excited. As mom is sliding up his leg he is squeezing her tits and nipples. Once she is over his cock she is first rubbing her mound on it. Holy crap moms best friend took my virginity is really happening. Jake has hit the jackpot.

Mom is going to fuck Jake! Damn, this is way better than being at the cabin. To add to the fun, I throw the door open. Both of them are shocked at first and then mom is smiling at me. Jake is stuttering to explain. Quickly, I tell him to calm down. My mom is the bombdiggity, and you should enjoy her Jake!

They stay there and I quickly strip down so I can play.

Getting on the bed, I lean in and kiss my mom. We can see Jakes dick growing on we are kissing. He is so excited. Then, I lean in and kiss his silly butt. We are so not each other’s type but with my mom, we can all play. Mom starts pumping his cock and then she gets over it. Slowly she is sliding down his dick.

Jake is moaning so loud and in pure heaven. Mom’s face is showing her pleasure in taking Jakes virginity. Moms best friend took my virginity will now be Jake’s story. I absolutely love that his lost his virginity with a hot mom fuck with my mom! What a fucking great weekend this has been!