It is Tuesday and my son is meeting at my house. We love hanging out together and catching up. My son, Steve, does not like his stepdaddy and keeps pushing me to dump him. Being alone isn’t easy, even if my husband is a jerk, and I like having help with everything. Steve is trying to convince me he will be there for me. He has always been mommy’s panty boy.

As I am pulling into the driveway, I see Steve is already here. My husband is at work and I am timing like this to avoid arguments between them. I am not seeing Steve when I walk in and know he is upstairs in the dirty laundry hamper. Ever since he was a small boy, Steve has gotten my dirty panties out of the hampers. Then, he smells them, licks them and even wears them.

This kid is a true mommy’s panty boy.

I walk into my bedroom and find him with a pair of panties in his mouth and a pair in his hands for smelling. He is excited to see me and quickly comes over giving me a huge hug and kiss. We kiss on the lips and use tongue too. Furthermore, I have always kissed him this way and it drives his stepdaddy crazy. He is always telling me it isn’t normal. Fuck off, asshole, my son enjoys his mommy time.

Steve asks what panties I have on so he can wear the same color. Mommy’s panty boy loves matching his mama. I get undressed, wearing just my panties and a comfy t-shirt. Steve does the same. As I let him do his licking and sniffing, I am putting things away from my shopping trip. Mommy’s panty boy asks if my bladder is full and I tell him yes it is.

He is thirsty so we head into the bathroom to get him a big drink.

Steve takes off his clothes and gets into the tub. I stand over his face and release my piss. He is drinking it up like a dehydrated man, gulping it all down. I have held my urine all day, just for my boy. I know he loves his golden showers from mom and I am happy to provide this pleasure. Whatever my boy wants, he is getting. As I empty my bladder and he is finishing, he says, “Thank you, Mommy, can I clean you up?”

Of course, he wants to please mommy and get her pussy sparkling clean. I squat down onto his mouth as he uses his tongue, getting into every crease and crevice, cleaning mom up like a champ. Mommy’s panty boy loves serving his mom. When he is done, I use the showerhead, cleaning him up. Then drying him off with a big fluffy towel. We get his panties and t-shirt back on him and head into the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, he and I are discussing stepdaddy and us.

Steve is telling me, he is all I need. He will step in to be the man I need in every way. With further discussion, I agree we can do this. To thank him, I get down on my knees, sucking his erect cock and letting him fuck face down my throat. He is in heaven, moaning how good it feels. Of course, he is shy, so I am obligated to give him this attention.

He tells me he is ready to fuck me and would like to do it missionary style. He is between my legs sliding his rockhard dick into me with his panties still on. His cock is very nice as it is stretching me out. Specifically, we are an unstoppable team and I am grateful for my perfect mommy’s panty-boy. He is my pride and joy.

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