My life had changed and I was still finding out how much!

Mommys new cuckold had some new things to learn! Over dinner, Mommy and Bob gave me some rules. Some of them I already knew and some were for if I decided to watch and help them have sex.  They were making me into an amateur cuckold!

  1. I would be sleeping in my room from now on
  2. I could go into Mommy and Bob’s room only after I knocked and they invited me.
  3. No more drinking Mommy’s milk.
  4. When I watch them have sex I will be naked and kneel by the bed.
  5. When I watch them have sex I will wait for instructions
  6. I will only touch my pee pee when they say it’s ok when I’m watching them have sex.

I was so angry when they showed me my new rules! But I also realized to my surprise and embarrassment that I had a hard little dick by the time they finished.  It was from thinking about Mommy doing the things we used to do with a big strong man. But, boy was I in for a surprise at the things that they did!

It wasn’t all bad for Mommys new cuckold…

It turned out that Bob was really nice and made Mommy really happy. He bought me things that were clearly meant to win me over, but I was fine with that. He needed to do some winning over. Even so, I had decided that there was no way that I was going to have anything to do with Mommy and Bob when they were in the bedroom. But that was soon to change…

My room was next to Mommy and Bob’s and I could hear them at night. I wasn’t sure what they were doing but they both sounded amazing. And I definitely knew the sound of Mommy’s orgasm. But Bob’s sounded nothing like mine. Probably because I was a boy and he was a big man. This made my little dick hard every night and I played with it while they made each other cum. And when they came, I did too.

Soon I wanted in on the fun!

But soon that wasn’t enough. I was lonely and horny and I wanted to join in their fun. Even masturbating along with their fucking (yes, I said fucking – I learned that word listening to them!) wasn’t enough. So, one night I walked out into the hallway and knocked on their door. Mommy told me I could come in and I saw that they were both in bed. They were under the covers but I was sure they were both naked.

Mommy asked if I remembered my rules and I did. So I went and took my pajamas off and knelt by their bed. Bob leaned over and kissed Mommy and then he pulled her close and they started making out. Right in front of me! For so long it was only Mommy and me doing that and I was so jealous. But this also turned me on so much. But this also turned me on so much.  I tried not to watch but I just couldn’t help it.

Next up – It’s called Mommys new cuckold. so… Also, maybe we’ll answer the question – did Seth make a very bad decision?

My Mommy’s new cuckold

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