Be Mommy’s Naughty Boy

My son is a lot like me. He’s a naughty, naughty boy. He looks at mommy like he wants to fuck me. He’s a very bad boy. I catch him staring at me when I come out of the shower. I know he’s stroking his cock and dreaming of fucking me. He’s thinking filthy thoughts about me. I’m so turned on by my dirty minded son. I long to know what sexual positions he thinks up when he dreams about fucking me. Want him to Be Mommy’s Naughty Boy….tonight.

I hear him outside the bathroom door stroking his cock. So I walk out into the hallway stark naked and catch him in the act. He doesn’t stop jerking his rock hard dick. He stares at my big tits and my full frontal naked body and keeps frantically stroking. I lean forward and put my hand on his cock and say, “Let mommy do it”. Then I stroke it gently and slowly and whisper in his ear, “Follow me” as turn around and walk towards my bedroom switching my well-rounded hips from side to side beckoning him to follow my lead. I hear him behind me moaning and stroking as we walk to the bed.

I lie on the bed and spread my legs.

He stands over me, still stroking his cock and says, “Oh mom, I’ve dreamed about this for a long time. You are so beautiful and sexy and I really want to fuck you. I want to make you cum.” So I whisper in  his ear, “Be Mommy’s Naughty Boy and smell my pussy.” He plunges his face between my legs and starts to smell my pussy. “Oh mom, you smell so good.” He takes another deep whiff of my funky body scent. “Mmmm….mommy……this is even better than smelling your panties.” I spread my legs wider. “Oh mommy, I want to taste your sweet pussy. Can I mommy, please, can I taste your sweet pussy?” I whisper in his ear, “Yes son, be mommy’s naughty boy and EAT MOMMY’S PUSSY.

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