Mommy’s Going to Spank You, Son

Oh now you know you’ve been a bad, bad boy. Now mommy has to spank you. Pull down your pants. That’s right. What? I know you’ve been sniffing and licking my panties again! Now I’m going to have to use my big bristle brush on that tight ass of yours. Bend over, son. TAP. SMACK. POP!!!!  Ooh look how red your butt cheeks are. Look how your cock has grown. Mommy has a place for that hard cock.

Put it right here between my creamy, silky thighs. Bend over mommy’s lap and slide it in between my thighs while I CRACK that ASS with this brush. SMACK. CRACK. POP. POP. POP…..Oooh….I love to hear the sound of this brush cracking against your ass and feel you thrust your cock between my thighs with every smack. Mommy loves how your cock gets bigger and harder between my creamy smooth thighs. CRACK……ooh yes thrust that cock, baby. SMACK…….ooh it’s getting harder….your cock is so hard now…….POP!!!!POP!!!!!!POP!!!!!!…..oh my son, your cock is so damn hard between my silky thighs, it’s starting to get my thighs wet. Do you want more of mommy?

Mommy can’t neglect her honey’s hiney hole can she?

Oh let me just touch it. Just gently baby while I rub your hot ass cheeks with my other hand. Do you like when I wiggle and circle my finger around your sweet ass hole? Mmm, I can tell you do by the way your cock jumps between my thighs when I do it. And do you like sliding your cock in between mommy’s thick creamy thighs after your spanking? Oh, you do? Are you mommy’s good boy? You are? Do you want to slide that cock up a little higher up…maybe so you could touch mommy’s pussy?

First, you have to prove to me that you really want it, baby. Come and kneel before me. That’s a good boy. Open mommy’s legs wide. Good boy. Look how wet you’ve made me. Touch it honey…go ahead. Don’t be scared. We are done with the spanking now. Reaching down, she takes your hand and places your excited fingers between my lips….oh yes baby, that’s what mommy wants. Now come up here closer so you can touch it with your cock. Get right between my legs and touch it with the tip.

Reaching down I grab that young ass and pull you in close so my tits are smashed against your young chest and you feel your cock pressing hard against mommy’s meaty pussy. You just lose control right then and gush all over your Mommy. You couldn’t take it. Being this close was more than you could handle. You felt spurt after spurt just shoot out all over her warm cunt while I just held you tight to my body smashing you with my big titties. Mmmm. Mommy loves making her baby boy cum.

Are YOU ready for a special spanking with Mom?

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke