They were making out – right in front of me!

Mommy’s cuckolding me – there’s no denying it now! For so long it was only Mommy and me kissing and making out and I was so jealous right now! And watching this really turned me on. I tried not to watch but I just couldn’t help it. I felt so embarrassed. And humiliated and jealous too. But my little dick became rock hard. I wanted to touch it so badly that my hand automatically went to it.  It grew so hard that it was aching and leaking pre-cum.  I really needed to stroke it!

At the last minute, I remembered my rule so I took my hand away and waited for permission. I’ve always been a very good boy and I didn’t want to stop now – no matter how jealous I was and no matter how desperate to touch my little dick. Was it was okay to ask? Honestly, I didn’t want to interrupt them. Remembering my instructions to kneel by the bed and quietly watch, I waited for them to tell me what to do. I was becoming a lot more than an amateur cuckold now.

Even though Mommy’s cuckolding me, I’m still her good boy

After what seemed like forever, Mommy looked at me and told me I was a very good boy. Then she told me to come over and undress her. I had done that a lot of times so it was a really familiar thing for me to do. It was comforting even if Bob was watching the whole time. I think I started to resent his presence a bit less by that point. He really seemed to love Mommy and maybe me too.

After I unbuttoned her blouse and slipped her bra off, Bob put his big hands on her breasts and started caressing them and squeezing them. Her nipples got hard immediately and I saw milk leaking from them. I assumed it would just go away if I didn’t drink it for a while. Shocked is the best way to describe my reaction when I saw Bob bend down and start suckling her breast and drinking her milk! That’s when I knew for sure – Mommy’s cuckolding me…

That was my milk!

I couldn’t believe that he had been drinking Mommy’s milk this whole time! And I definitely didn’t know that Bob was drinking it instead. I really wanted to be a good boy but this was almost too much. I was so angry and jealous and sad that I felt tears about to start no matter how hard I tried to hold them back. Then she took her hand and stroked my hair and quietly called me her good boy.

I hoped that she would invite me to suckle her other breast but instead she had me kneel down again and watch Bob drain that breast and then the other. Watching him drink “my” milk made me sad. But I realized that my little dick had stayed just as hard and it was steadily leaking pre-cum. I wanted to touch it more than ever now but I sensed that I wasn’t allowed to ask so I just waited for permission. That’s just what I learned to do when Mommy’s cuckolding me.

I wondered what would come next…

After Bob had finished drinking every drop of milk, he looked over at me.  Then he told me that I was a very good boy and he gave me permission to lightly touch my little dick for a minute or two. I hadn’t thought about the fact that Bob might tell me what to do as well as Mommy. And I didn’t like it! Also, did he really mean lightly and for just a minute or two? That wouldn’t be nearly long enough! I started getting angry again and I was definitely not going to follow his instructions. Even though Mommy’s cuckolding me, this was almost too much.

But of course just the fact that Bob gave me instructions and that he was putting very strict restrictions on touching it made my dick actually throb. I tried so hard to resist touching but, of course, I couldn’t help it. I took my hand and started lightly touching it, waiting for the inevitable order to stop.

Next up!

Do we ever get to see Bob’s cock? And if so, is it huge? Well, what do you think? This story is called “Mommy’s Cuckolding Me.” It’s a requirement for this genre, you know…

Mommy's Cuckolding Me Now

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