Mommy/Son Roleplay!

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I started to rub my clit through my panties sliding my fingers between my soaking wet slit. My eyes were locked on the porn on my phone. My legs spread wide I was fingering my pussy I was getting so wet when my teenage son. Walked into the living room while I was going to town on my pussy.

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Mommy/Son Roleplay!

He hesitated before he started to walk towards me. He took my hand with my pussy juice trying on the tips of my fingers. I sat up on to the couch pulling down his pants to see his cock thick and hard with bulging veins. I took him in my mouth sucking on him, his knees buckled as if he might fall from the pleasure of his mommies mouth around his thick shaft.

Once I got his hard cock slick from my mouth I pulled my panties to the side to show him my pussy. He looked at it then stretched his arm out so he could touch my pussy. He started rubbing my clit and exploring it as he had never seen a pussy before. “Have you ever fucked a woman before?”

I asked him, He just shook his head no. I took him by the hand to lead him between my legs “I want you to fuck me, baby”. He took his cock in his hand and guided it into my pussy he pushed it in all the way and got on top of me our bodies rubbing together, His pace quickened and he squirted hot cum deep inside me moaning “MOMMY” as he came like a cum shower.

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