High School crush fantasy!!

High School crush fantasy with a boy I have known for many years. His tall broad body loomed over me I was always so short compared to him. As if I was pocket sized all for him. When I would see him my heart would leap through my chest my young lust in my eyes and love in my heart. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for him. He was an artist in so many ways, He sparked my Intelligence and my libido.

I wanted him on so many levels to be his in every way to love him the way he deserved to be loved and to fuck him senseless until he begged me to stop. But at last, I only got to give him the best blow job he ever had. Letting him cum all over my tits.

High School crush fantasy!!

So now that we are out of High School we have reconnected and I know exactly what I want to do to him. I would love to meet up with him. Catch up a bit and then show him what he has been missing all these years. I would start by stripping my clothes starting with my shirt and working my way all the way down to my thong panties. Swaying my hips to make the tease more intense.

Making sure his eyes are all on me. Then I would get down on my knees and crawl to him like a cat on the prowl, just before she pounces. I would take his uncut cock and suck him working my mouth up and down his shaft till I feel precum sliding down my throat.

His Hard cock completely at attention and ready for me. I straddle him lowering my tight little cunt down to meet his hard dick, Feeling him enter me sliding inside me until he is balls deep, My pussy is so wet it is dripping! I ride him until I feel that pressure builds inside me and cum screaming his name “Timmy!!” He came like a cum shower.

This is my fantasy with a guy I went to high school with. If you have a fantasy you would like to act out with me give me a call!! If you thought that this was hot you might like my mommy role play bog… check it out!!

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