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I never knew a mother could be so obsessed with her son until I met Michaels mom. This lady makes him schedule days with her for sex. She is coming into town next week and Michael had to cancel our dinner date with me to fuck his mommy. He can deny that he likes it all he wants to but I know the truth. I love mommy son sex!

If he really did not like it he would put a stop to it.

But instead, he cancels date night with me for mommy son sex time. trying to tell me that he does it just for her and only to make her happy is bullshit. Crying out “Mommy I’m going to cum” while he’s is sleeping proves otherwise. I actually listened in on one of their phone conversations.

Neither one of them makes it sound like a chore.

She was telling him how she was going to suck his cock and get it nice and hard so he can stick in her ass. One time I caught them fucking, I continued to watch. He began to suck him just like she explained Begging her to stop sucking so he doesn’t cum too quick. she listened. Standing up and undressing, exposing her giant bush.

Her pussy looks like it has never seen a razor.

Maybe that’s why he likes to fuck her in the ass. She bent over on all fours. As he grabbed her. he shoved his hard cock right in her ass. This was mommy son sex time. He fucked her so hard and quick that it was just a matter of minutes before he was filling her ass with his cum.

He thrust all the way in as his balls slapped against her clit.

This time he didn’t pump, he just held it there as he released that creamy cum inside of her. Mommy son sex time ended just that quick. Even if he was horrible in bed I’m sure she wouldn’t care because that is her baby boy.

He can do no wrong in her eyes.

HMMMM… I wonder if she knows about his pantyhose fetish? Now that he is going to get fucked and I am not I am ready for some hot phone sex. Are you?

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