Would you like to hear how this mommy punishes her son for not minding?

I like to keep my home clean and spotless.  As I was cleaning the house and doing laundry I was mad that my son Roger never listened when I told him to clean his room. I was determined to make him listen to this time. So I walked into his room and it was a mess with dirty clothes laying all around. I asked him to clean it and he just looked at me and shrugged his shoulders. That’s when I knew this would be a great mommy/son punishment story.
I went downstairs and brought back a laundry basket for his nasty clothes. I went in and put it next to the door.  He looked at me with a funny look and asked,  What is that for? I told him it was for the dirty clothes he looked at me funny and grinned. Laughing he said that he wasn’t going to pick them up. That it was my job. That all my bitching was the reason his dad left. That’s when I felt a pure rage come over me.

I was furious it turned into mommy/son punishment

So I looked at him and asked while gritting my teeth, do you think you can talk to me like and I will just take it?  I am talking to you like the whore you are, he said it a look of disgust in his face. When I asked what he was talking about. I know what you have been doing, Mom. Having guys over when you think I am asleep or away. I come in and you never even know I am around. Your just fucking different guys all the time like a nasty whore. I walked over and slapped him across the face. How dare you! He looked up at me and smiled. You don’t know shit little boy, I screamed angrily. Yes, I do Mommy he exaggerated the Mommy.  I know and so will everyone else if you don’t start doing me favors.
I stepped back away from him shocked. What do you mean, Roger? I have been recording you and every guy you bring back to the house. How dare you, I said again shocked and hurt by his betrayal. That’s when I knew it was going to be a mommy/son punishment story.

 He knew he had me

He picked up the remote and switched on the tv. On the screen was a video of me fucking a big black guy. There were different angles all over the room. How did you do this Roger? Dad gave me a recording set up for my birthday and it was really easy to plant the cameras in your room and throughout the house. I have everything.
So if you want to win this battle in court against Dad you better start doing what I want or else he will get all this footage and you won’t get your alimony!
He turned the volume down on the TV and commanded me to get down on my knees. I knew I had no choice. My ex would take everything if he got ahold of this footage. I suppose the punishment was being my son’s sex slave. I was a whore after all. Why not add incest to the list. That’s when it became a mommy/son punishment.
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