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I wanted to go on a family vacation so I talked to my husband and son about going to Florida with me. I wanted to go to a nude beach to relax with Jack my husband and have my son Scott. Who is 19 to go and have some fun with the girls? But I had no idea that this would turn into one of the best family sex stories I have.

I usually call a phone sex hotline to play out my fantasy. Of having my son’s hot cock in me but this time at the nude beach would be the greatest family sex stories of all time. I started packing making them all bring what they wanted. I had a small 2 piece and my husband Jack decided to take his golf clubs but what I had planned for us there were no golf clubs needed. Finally, I started loading down the car. I had everyone’s stuff. My son Scott did not bring much other than his trunks. I asked him why he wasn’t bringing more clothes he said that he was going to be spending most of his time on the beach. I told him greatly.

We made it to the hotel

When We got to the hotel and I decided I would go take a shower and relax after a long trip it was a 16-hour drive and I felt dirty. We got the room key which was on the 32nd floor of the Hilton which is right on the beach. I walked into the room and right on the other side there was a huge balcony and the beach was beautiful as the waves were washing up on the shore. Jack came in behind me and grabbed my ass as he is putting his hands around my waist kissing my neck.

He whispered in my ear if I would like to go down with him to the beach after I got dressed and cleaned up for a night swim. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and told him I would love to. I went and got cleaned up and meet Jack down on the beach for our stroll. It was about 11 P.M.   We started walking down the beach and we sean a sign that said nude beach 600 feet ahead. I looked at him and winked and we started walking toward the gate for the nude beach. I asked Jack where Scott was, he said he went to the pear with some guys he meets. So I knew we would be alone.

When the fun really began

Jack and I stripped down to nothing. We ran to the water and slowly got in. The water was nice and warm. We waded out into the deep was the water barely covered my chest. Jack slowly brought me to him. He placed his hands around my waist and slowly started kissing me. I started playing with his long hard 12-inch cock.  As I was playing with his he started fingering me. Slowly I could feel myself getting more and more excited. I wanted him so bad. Deciding what to do I bent over in front of him and he slid his hard cock deep in my little tight pussy. Feel him throbbing inside me. I had no idea this would turn into one of the hottest family sex stories there is.

I was loving this time we were having together. All of a sudden I felt something playing with my pussy while Jack had both his hands around my shoulders. I looked down scared of what I might see. But it was Scott, my son. I was wondering how he got here. Because I was watching the beach and there was no one to be seen. He must have swum up unnoticed. But I did not stop him from playing with my clit while his dad was fucking my pussy.

I just knew it was going to be a fun time

I took my bandana off and put it around Jacks eyes. So he would not notice Scott under the water. He asked what I was doing I told him I wanted to make this a night he would not forget. That turned him on even more but,  I was lying but I did not want him to see Scott. Jack was still fucking my pussy hard and Scott was still fingering my clit. I could not help but want more I was so turned on and hot. Then I pulled Scott up out of the water and had him licking and sucking my tits. I told Jack I had a surprise for him. He asked what it was. I lied to him and told him I brought a toy I want us to play with. He smiled.

I told Jack I was going to climb on top of his chest and put my legs around him. I told him I was going to stick my toy up my ass. He got so turned on he was throbbing even harder in my pussy. I asked if he was ready, he said yes. Making Scott get behind me and his dad. I told him quietly to not touch his dad’s feet or legs so he could stick his cock in my ass. As soon as I did he got up and stuck his hard cock in my ass. It felt so good having Jacks cock in my pussy and Scott’s dick in my ass.

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