Can I Be Your Naughty Sexy Mommy?

I see the way you look at me, baby. Don’t be embarrassed, I’m not mad! I understand how hard it must be having a MILF for a mommy. I know all of your friends tell you how much they want to fuck me, I’ve overheard them. They see me come home in my nurse uniform and they suddenly have a sexy nurse fetish they are desperate to act on. They tell you all the things they want to do to me and you tell them to shut up but inside you’re hiding the truth. You want to fuck mommy too. Well, you’re in luck baby because I am ready to be your naughty sexy mommy. 

I know it’s hard to believe but haven’t you noticed that since you’ve become a young man I’ve been eyeing you too. You’ve been working out and your body is looking so good. Not to mention your cock is unbelievably huge! Yes, I’ve spied on you while you’re changing.  Sometimes you leave the door open a crack and I take the opportunity to check out the goods. I told you I was ready to be your naughty sexy mommy! But… now that I think about it, you probably did that on purpose, didn’t you? You’re a naughty boy too! 

Teasing You

I guess we’ve both been teasing each other. Have you wondered why I’ve been lounging around in my little silk robe with nothing underneath? When it opens and I flash you my tight naked body, it’s not an accident, baby. I wanted you to start craving your naughty sexy mommy. And my new bathing suit, the one that barely has any material to it all, it’s not just for limited tan lines. I got the skimpiest one I could find, with a thong and material that barely covered my pussy lips because I wanted you to see as much of me as possible. I wanted to get you so hard for me, baby. So, what do you say are you ready to fuck your naughty sexy mommy? 

Mommy-Son Playtime

I’m ready to have so much fun with you, baby. I know you’ve been thinking about it as much as I have. Let’s give in to our primal desires! 

Don’t worry I’ll take such good care of you. Take my hand and follow me to my bedroom. I’m going to drop my robe and you’ll get to stare at my naked body as much as you want. You don’t have to sneak a peek anymore. Then you can run your hands all over your naughty sexy mommy. I’ll guide your fingers to my wet pussy and push them inside me for your first feel inside me. Then I’ll get on my knees and take very good care of your massive cock. But, what I really want is for you to fuck my tight pussy. Make my fantasy come true, baby. As you get on top of my naked body, I’ll put my legs over your shoulders and let you enter me hard and fast. Fuck your naughty sexy mommy for as long as you want, baby!


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