Mommy Son

They thought we were lovers. And they didn’t know we were a Mommy Son duo being ever so naughty. They all thought we were a hot couple. Just a  Cougar and a youngster who couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. “Get a room” were the cries we heard as my teenage son and I were lip-locked in a passionate kiss while on an impromptu road trip to a small quaint little town a couple of hours from our home. No one knew us there so we could be brazen and scandalous in public. I wore a short red mini skirt and a halter top. He wore tight jeans that show off his ass and a muscle tee-shirt.

He looks so hot. Walking down the sidewalk he grabbed me and pressed my body against a brick building and started kissing and grinding me. “Oh, Mom, I want to fuck you so bad.”, he whispered in my ear. I grabbed his hand and said, “Let’s go back to our room.” In the king size bed in our romantic Bed and Breakfast room, I laid my body down and spread my legs open wide. “CUM and fuck your Mommy son.” He crawled on top of me with his hot naked body, stroked my clit with the head of his cock, grabbed my hips and shoved it deep into my pussy.

This Mommy Son duo knows how to FUCK.


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