Here is Another One of my Mommy Son Incestuous Sex Games I Like to Play with My Curious Boy

As you recall, I’ve already told you about a couple of my special incestuous sex games. You know – the ones I like to play with my special boy. And after playing at those, I like to play another of my special mommy son incestuous sex games. I think you’d like it just as much, if not more. I like to call this particular incestuous sex game “Mommy Sez”.

Now, this incest sex game is played just like Simon Sez, but naturally, it’s what Mommy Sez that will be followed. And just like the traditional game, my boy will only follow instructions that are preceded with “Mommy Sez”.

It would go something like this…

“Now honey, remember the rules – you have to do what you’re told if I say ‘Mommy Sez’, ok?”

“Yes, Mommy.”

I go ahead and tell him, “Mommy Sez to lie on your back so Mommy can touch your peepee in Mommy’s special way.”

He’s such a good boy and follows all of Mommy’s instructions. I grab hold of his little cock and start to squeeze and stroke it.

“Mommy sez to tell Mommy if you like Mommy touching your hard peepee.”

“Oh yes Mommy, it makes me feel all tingling and funny.  Please Mommy, can I touch your pussy with my peepee?”

I smile, look at him and reply, “All in good time honey, all in good time.  But first Mommy Sez she’s going to taste your pretty peepee first.” I then proceed to pull his big boy boner into my mouth, snaking my tongue over the head and then the shaft. There’s just something about having my sweet boy’s cock in my mouth that turns me on each and every time. Maybe it’s his unbridled reaction. Maybe it’s the heady feeling of the power I have over him. It’s probably a mixture of the two, but it really doesn’t matter the why of it. All I know is that I get sopping wet when I wrap my lips around him, slurping, tasting and teasing my beautiful boy’s hard cock.

As I make a meal of his pole, I know he’ll shoot his jism if I don’t put the brakes on.  As much as I’d love to feel his hot spunk hitting the back of my throat, I have other plans for his creamsicle.

“Mommy Sez you aren’t allowed to make a special squirtie yet, you have to wait.”

My boy can get so impatient when we play one of my mommy son incestuous sex games

With that, I straddle my precious boy, grab a hold of his stiff peepee, and guide it to the entry of my already-drenched cunt.  As I lower my hips down onto my boy, I feel him penetrate my pussy – it feels so good buried deep inside me, and we both moan in unison, both losing ourselves to the other.

“Mommy Sez squeeze Mommy’s ass cheeks with both your hands…Mmmm…now thrust up with your hips up to meet Mommy’s…”

He grabs my ass but doesn’t move his hips.  I smile a big smile and then say, “Mommy Sez thrust your hips up to meet Mommy’s.”  With that, he dutifully starts to thrust furiously, pounding my pussy.  As I feel his arousal build inside my burning pussy, I remind him of this incestuous sex game rule. That he can’t have a squirtie until ‘Mommy Sez’ he can.

I want to feel him erupt deep inside my cunt. and just as I’m about to explode all over his joystick, I finally tell him “ok honey, Mommy Sez cum inside Mommy’s pussy… Mommy Sez cum NOW!”

It’s all he needs, and he lets his geyser shoot deep inside me, his spunk and my juices mixing and saturating both of us.

I smile at my boy and ask, “Did my boy like playing one of Mommy’s special Mommy son incestuous sex games today?”


And what about you? Did you like this particular incest sex game? Would you like to play this game, as well as others with Mommy? Then call my phone sex numbers and we can play some naughty incest mommy phone sex games of our own!


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