I Like to Play a Few Very Special Incestuous Sex Games with My Curious Boy

One of these special incestuous sex games is called Peek-At-Mommy. With this particular game, I let my young man know that, whenever he gets curious, he can always play Peek-At-Mommy.  Mommy will leave her door cracked a bit so he can peek inside anytime he wants. Her boy can peek at Mommy in her panties and bra, her garter belt, stockings, or maybe just a towel.

 He can peek in and see what Mommy does to make her feel good all over.

He can watch Mommy slide her lacey bra off her shoulders, letting her full breasts spill out freely.

And oh my, he can peek-at-Mommy as she lies on her bed and spreads her legs wide, exposing her warm, moist, place that lies beneath her silky panties.

So many interesting things to peek at in my incestuous sex games

Then he can peek-at-Mommy as one of her hands finds her hard nipple, taunting and teasing it. He can watch with curious eyes as her other hand slips down beneath the sheer material of her panties. And with wide eyes, he can watch mommy find the source of such naughty pleasures. Her special place.

He can peek and watch his Mommy do all these things, all the while his little peepee grows and twitches and swells with a building curiosity. Not being able to help himself, he would touch himself there, thinking about what it would feel like to touch Mommy there. In her special place…

Of course, that can lead to other Special Mommy/Son incestuous sex games. Shall we play another?

After playing at Peek-at-Mommy for a bit, we can move onto another one of my incestuous sex games called “Mommy May I?”.

With this particular game, my boy gets to do more than just “Peek at Mommy.” This one is interactive. You see, after watching Mommy saunter about in her panties and bra and watching her lay on her bed, his little peepee starts to twitch.

And after peeking into my room as I spread my legs and slides my fingers into my panties, watching my hips buck up against my thrusting fingers, he feels the tell-tale swelling of his peepee. Then and only then, he can finally push open Mommy’s bedroom room and ask, “Mommy, may I come in and sit on the bed with you?”

Of course, I would say, “Yes you may,” with a big smile on my face, patting the space next to me. Then I would ask him the familiar question, “Would you like to play Mommy May I?” An enthusiastic yes resounds, and thus the game begins…

I do so love playing  incestuous sex games with my boy

“Sweetie, you may touch Mommy’s hard nipples for thirty seconds, however, you want.”

“Mommy May I?”

“Yes, you may.”

He then touches and plays with Mommy’s titties and nipples, squeezing them, rolling them between his fingers, in whatever way he chooses.  This naturally leads to him asking if he may do something on his own, such as this,

“Mommy, may I lick your nipples five times?”

His request is met with the response, “No you may not…you make suck on Mommy’s left titty for twenty seconds instead.”

“Mommy May I?”

“Yes, you may.”

“Sweetie, you may touch Mommy under her panties for one whole minute.”

“Mommy May I?”

“Yes, you may.”

“Ok honey, you make take six long licks of mommy’s pussy, starting at the very bottom edge of my wet pussy, all the way to my swollen clitty.”

“Mommy May I?”

“No, you may not…You may take SIXTEEN licks instead.”

 “Mommy May I?”

“Yes, you may.”

Things continue in this manner, progressing, but always in compliance with the rules of the game, “Mommy May I?”  Either Mommy telling him what he can do, or him asking for himself.

Of course, this can lead to other Special incestuous sex games as well, hehehe!


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