Mommy Sees You

I know you’re there Junior. Mommy hears you breathing. I know that you see me stepping out of the shower. I know that you can see my naked body. The mirror on the wall is steamy but when I look into it I see your reflection standing in the hallway stroking a huge cock.

Knowing that mommy turns you on so makes mommy’s pussy wet. I love to know you are watching me. Mommy sees you. I see your hand sliding back and forth on your throbbing cock. I sit at my vanity and spread my legs wide so you can see my clit. So I can hear you moan. Mommy sees you swirling your precum on the head of your cock as you watch mommy rub the oil between my meaty thighs and then slide my greasy hands all the way up to my pussy lips.

I squeeze my pussy lips together and hear you moan. I slide my finger up and down my clit and hear you sigh. Mommy sees you stroking your cock. You can’t resist me. You can’t stay hidden any longer. Mommy sees you in the reflection of the mirror. I see you inching your way into the bathroom with your huge cock in your hand.

Do you know that I can see you in the mirror?

I can’t tell. I am so horny thinking that you are sneaking up on me. Mommy sees you take your long cock and rub it up and down the small of my back. Mommy sees you. I asked, “Junior is that you, baby?” You answer ever so sweetly as you stroke your cock against my wet skin, “Yes, mommy. It’s me. Do you need me to help you with anything?” I say, “Yes, baby, why don’t you rub some baby oil on mommy’s back.” You play along and say, “Oh mommy I would love to.”

You smooth the oil on my shoulders and down my back. I lean forward so your fingers slide down past the towel and into the crack of my ass. I hear you moan. You slide your hands around my waist from the back and smoothly up to my tits. “Do you like that mommy?” “Oh, mommy loves it, baby. I want you to touch me everywhere.” And then I guide your fingers down to my pussy. You turn me around and kiss me so passionately on the lips. Mommy sees you and your enormous cock. I can’t help but suck it.

You throw the towel on the floor and lay me back. You are on top of me now. Mommy sees you and your huge hard cock. You spread mommy’s legs wide open and thrust your cock deep inside my pussy and fuck me better than daddy ever did.

Mommy Sees You.

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