I can’t believe I got forced into extreme taboo blackmail!

I can’t believe you’re pimping me out to the landlord mom! How can you force me into extreme taboo blackmail like this?

We’re sitting on the sofa watching a movie together when the doorbell suddenly rings. Why is the landlord stopping by so late at night? I know I’m not supposed to interrupt two adults, especially when they’re definitely arguing about something important. However, I think it’s time for you to leave Mr. Landlord, you’re being awfully mean right now. You aren’t really going to kick us out for being a tiny bit late on the rent, are you?

Why are you letting him come in? He was just yelling at you! Why are you touching me you dirty pervert? Get your hands off of me! No way did my mom agree to let you put your hands on me like this. Besides, what does being late on rent have to do with it? I’m not going to cooperate with your stupid extreme taboo blackmail idea. You can’t be serious!  After all, why is it up to me to make sure we’re not kicked out? You’re the adult, you should be handling it instead of me. Wait… I don’t mean by ripping the clothes off my body.

What are you doing? Why are you taking off your clothes? Please, there has to be a better way. Don’t touch me. Just stay away from me. Don’t hold me down for him. Ouch, that really hurts. Stop trying to pry my legs apart. Somebody help me, please. Your cock is choking me I can’t breathe. You’ve got it too far down the back of my throat. My eyes are watering and I can’t stop gagging on it. Don’t do this to me. I’m a good girl.

I’ve never even had a boyfriend and you’re gonna just violate me like this over the rent?

You’re a really perverted old man to be getting off on extreme taboo blackmail like this. Please stop, it hurts so bad. You’re too big, there’s no way your dick will fit inside my tiny virgin pussy. Stop, otherwise, you’ll rip me in two. Please make him stop mom. How can you hold me down like this while he hurts me so bad? You’re such a sicko pervert. Especially because every time I cry and try to get away, your dick gets even harder. Of course, you don’t even have a condom on! Please just don’t cum in inside of me whatever you do.

I’m not on any birth control and also, I’m way too young to get pregnant. It feels like you’re swelling up inside of me and your balls slapping against me feel so heavy. Please, I’m begging you not to do it. Instead, just pull it out before you cum ok? Even if you have to shoot it on my face or down my throat because that’s way better than risking you knocking me up. Why the evil smile on your face? That’s not your real plan, is it?

I’m too young, I don’t want to have a baby, especially not with a dirty old perv like you!

Stop it! I can tell you’re ready to cum any second now yet you’re still inside me. Please pull it out soon. Mom, make him stop! Don’t let him get me pregnant. How can you let this happen to me? He’s cumming inside of me. Please pull it out of me. You’ve done enough to me, don’t make me have your baby too. I hope both of you are happy, you got what you wanted now leave me alone. We don’t have to worry about getting kicked out now, right? Wait, why are you turning me over?

Don’t stick it in my ass, it’s gonna hurt too much!

No stop it, please! Didn’t I pay off our debt already? You just popped my cherry how is that not enough? How can you be hard again this soon? You just forced your dick inside my pussy and then you’re fucking my ass right away. Stop shoving your hand over my mouth I can’t breathe. I’m pretty sure the neighbors can’t hear us, otherwise they would have already come and knocked on the door. Considering my own mother is holding me down, this is the worst ever forced public sex. Of course, you’ll probably both get away with this too.

 Finally, he’s had enough. He better not do anything else to me. Mom, please tell me you’re not gonna let him come back in here and do this to me ever again! You can’t just pimp me out like this with extreme taboo blackmail!

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