I can’t believe you backed me into forced public sex!

My friends are expecting me at the birthday party. I should have caught a ride with one of my friends instead of calling Uber. How was I supposed to know you would back me into forced public sex? First of all, the second I open the door I can see what a dirty old man you are. Your eyes trail up and down my body like you’re undressing me with your eyes. Ugh, I so feel like I need a shower now. I’m so regretting wearing a short dress to this party. Don’t think I don’t see you staring at me as I climb in. You’re trying to get a glimpse of my panties, aren’t you?

Oh my god, you’re totally thinking about forced public sex already aren’t you? You’re such a dirty pervert. Now stop looking at me like that and just drive already would you? I don’t have all night. My friends are expecting me to be at that party soon. Besides that, I’m going to look like a total flake if I show up late. Why are we turning down this road? This isn’t anywhere near where I need to be. Besides that, it’s so dark over here I can’t even tell where we are.

Wait a minute why are you locking the doors? Why the fuck can’t I get out? What kind of a weird sicko are you? Is that your zipper I hear sliding down? You don’t seriously think you’re going to make me have forced public sex with you, do you? Stay away from me. I don’t know what kind of sick game you’re playing but I don’t want any part of it. Don’t you dare put those filthy perverted old hands on me. Besides, you’re not my type at all!

Stop trying to rip my panties off!

I can’t believe that you seriously are pushing me into forced public sex with you! It makes sense that you feel you have to force yourself on me. Because after all, I’m pretty sure that no girl in her right mind would ever willingly have sex with you. I bet you’ve got a tiny little dick too don’t you? Eww! I was so right, that thing is minuscule. Is it even hard? Now you might be trying to force yourself on me, but it doesn’t look like you’ll be doing much damage with that tiny tic tac dicklet.

You’re hurting me stop it. First of all, I’m not going to let you pry my thighs open. That disgusting little dick isn’t coming anywhere near my perfect tight young pussy. You’re going to make me vomit. Now get your disgusting hairy old hands off of me. Stop slapping me and choking me, I can’t get away you’re way bigger than me. Besides no matter how rough you are with me, I’ll never enjoy this. At least put a condom on before you try to shove that little thing inside of me. I don’t want your nasty cum going inside of me. Yuck! I can’t even imagine getting knocked up by a disgusting little dick old perverted loser like you!

What’s the matter? Did all of my taunting get to you and give you performance issues? Because I know that you’re trying to rape me but I swear I can’t feel a thing. Besides that, I happen to be a teen-size queen and your dick just isn’t cutting it for me. I’m used to having real men fuck me. You know, the sort of cocks that stretch me open and make me scream out in pleasure.

You make me scream out in disgust!

First of all, why are you turning me over? You can’t seriously tell me that you’re going to put your dick in my ass, are you? Because this tight perfect pink hole is reserved strictly for big dicks! Now, get off of me you animal! Oh my god, I can’t believe you’re making me have forced public sex up the ass in the back of your Uber. Besides that, I hope no one sees us together. Because I would just die if anyone thought I would actually fuck a loser like you! Ouch, that hurts! Now get it out of my ass you’re hurting me. Let me go. Eww, don’t shove your dirty dick down my throat. Because I don’t want to suck my own ass juices off of you and I definitely don’t want your cum shooting into my mouth.

I’m not your teen sex doll! Besides that, are you seriously going to dump me off on the side of the road like garbage now that you’re done with me?

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